Italy will defend its crown! The 'Azzurra' gets its ticket to Euro 2024

Italy will defend its crown! The 'Azzurra' gets its ticket
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Italy, current Euro champion but who missed the last two World Cups, qualified for the 2024 continental tournament after the draw away from home against Ukraine (0-0) on the last date of Group C.

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In match played in Leverkusen (Germany) due to the war that is taking place on Ukrainian soil, the 'Azurra' He achieved the point he needed to seal his ticket to the European summer event of 2024 as second classified in her group behind Englandthus avoiding a step through the playoffs, of iDisappointing memory for the team now led by Luciano Spalletti.

Italy will be able to defend the title won at Wembley in 2021while the ukrainians should be imposed on their repechage with Israel, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Finland if they want to play the fourth European Championship in their history.

The 'Nazionale' thus avoids the bad feeling of having to go through a dangerous playoff which already proved fatal in November 2017, in a round-trip format against Swedenand in March 2022in a format Final 4defeated in the semifinals by North Macedonia.

Sendos setbacks that deprived the four-time world champion of competing in the World Cups in Russia and Qatarwhich opened a wound that is difficult to heal in the country, which I only know had lost the 1930 and 1958 World Cups.

Italy conquered in July 2021 one second continental titlebut he saw how his European champion coach Roberto Mancini resigned to general surprise last August, before taking office weeks later Saudi Arabia coach.

His successor, Luciano Spallettihas had hesitant beginnings, especially away from home, but assured at home against Ukraine, Malta and North Macedonia.


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