Italy accumulates more than ten million infections by Covid-19 | Multimedia


The Italian Ministry of Health notified this Monday that the country has accumulated 10,001,344 Covid-19 infections since the start of the pandemic, a figure reached with 77,696 confirmed cases in the last 24 hours.


Italy registers 2,266 deaths from Covid-19 in the last week

According to the entity, the European country exceeds 10,000,000 positives after reporting more than 143,000 fatalities from the disease in previous days.

Likewise, on this January 24, Italy records 352 deaths as a result of the disease caused by the Sars-Cov-2 virus, for a cumulative 143,875 deaths since the beginning of this pathology.

Among the most affected regions are Emilia Romagna, with 14,719 positive cases; seconded by Lombardy, with 8,844 infections; while Venéto reports 6,188 positives.

On the other hand, the positivity rate rose to 15 percent, while the number of hospital admissions remained stable with 19,862 hospitalized, of which 1,685 are admitted to intensive care units.

It should be noted that Italy has 90.30 percent of the population over 12 years of age with at least one dose of anticovid administered; while 87.14 percent of the population completed the vaccination schedule, and only 28.57 percent of infants between five and 11 years of age have been immunized.

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