It is not the way to improve the Judiciary 2023/10/14

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In the extensive network of shortcomings that the Mexican justice system has, there is undoubtedly that of improving the composition of the power of the judges. Relatively frequently, we learn of errors that favor those whom we least expected and with whom public opinion had already exercised a value judgment.

Yes, like so many organizations we have, the Judiciary could improve its judges; This requires better preparation, a clearer, more agile structure that projects much greater confidence. But this does not justify the siege they have had, especially the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation. It is not with expletives, threats and seeking to extinguish 13 of 14 trusts up to amounts that can deprive those who work there of salaries and benefits.

Eliminating funds that are already acquired rights in labor matters, social security, housing, pensions and health and pension coverage is not only trying to improve the judicial system, but making it worse. In the immediate term, it would weaken and also limit the operation of the federal Judiciary, leaving in a degree of vulnerability an endless number of cases that require a solution in the advancement of litigation of all kinds.

The coordinator of the Morena deputies, a man named Ignacio Mier is the author of this initiative that seems to be written by someone who, from the government's morning propaganda platform, tells us that the purpose is to put an end to the luxuries of the ministers who have luxurious houses and offices in the most central and good-sized avenues.

In order not to bite his tongue, the deputy Wed You could see that there is no luxury comparable to living in a Palace with all the attention and ample fulfillment of the needs and comforts of royalty. And this concerns governors, deputies like him, senators, heads of political parties, advisors, directors of parastatals and a whole range of officials who work in key positions in the public administration.

The cancellation of these trusts will undoubtedly suffer the fate of the numerous autonomous organizations whose disappearance, we were told, would reveal the corruption that gives rise to these defenestrations and which are never presented.

Guaranteeing the correct functioning of the Judicial Branch is an obligation of the Treasury, since we require the natural counterweights of any democracy to exist. There are countries where the Legislative Branch does not exist, but the Judicial Branch never ceases to exist, which, since ancient times, in practically all countries and territories has always shaped the rules that govern different societies.

In our case, these trusts finance the obligations derived from reforms whose texts are found in the Constitution, including in international commitments and treaties. This was the case in the Free Trade Agreement and continues today in the T-MEC.

It is no coincidence that since the accommodating minister Arturo Zaldivar He left the presidency of the Supreme Court of Justice and was replaced by the minister Norma Piñavery foreign to the presidential affection, there is a siege from different angles to a power, which, like all, can be perfected, but in no way limited and subject to the will of a single person.

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