It is not given: Lionel Messi shows his facet as an actor in a new commercial for French fries (Video)

Days after obtaining The Best award as the Best Player in the World in 2022, Lionel Messi He appeared in a new commercial and made it clear that his thing, his thing, is soccer.

Well they would say in Mexico that Messi "as an actor is an excellent footballer", And it is that despite the fact that the French fries ad has a touch of comedy, it is noticeable that the star had a hard time adapting and he looks a bit exaggerated in his gestures and is barely understood when he speaks.

The television commercial, which lasts 30 seconds, begins with Messi and a team of cameramen arriving at a house to enjoy a match of the UEFA champions league and when the host family thinks they're ready to enjoy the game with the surprising company, the international star asks “Where are the Lay's?” and that's where the "locals" realize that they really weren't ready to watch the game, because they didn't have any, so Leo decides to go with the neighbors across the street, who were ready. At the end, through the window, Messi invites the former with a smile and a gesture to join in enjoying the game in the other house.

The commercial, which premiered a week before the psg played the return match against Bayern Munich in the top European club tournament, was part of "No Lay's, no game", the new campaign of the French fries brand of which Messi has been an ambassador for almost a decade

In addition to the spot, Messi will also be present at points of sale, since will appear in a special edition of the product, as has already happened in previous years.

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