It is necessary that the Federal Government allocate a budget to search for disappeared persons: Paloma Sánchez

Mexico.- Deputy Paloma Sánchez Ramos (PRI) asked the Federal Government to guarantee the families of the disappeared persons the memory, truth and justice they deserve and, for this, before the plenary session of the Chamber of Deputies, she presented a reservation to allocate 4 billion pesos from the 2023 Budget.

In a statement, he argued that the crisis over disappearances in Mexico is more serious than ever and the resources allocated to state search commissions are insufficient.

In the framework of the discussion of the Federal Expenditure Budget (PEF) 2023, in particular, he denounced that one of every three search commissions operate with less than 10 people, when there are thousands of victims. Sinaloa, he stressed, uses 38 officials for more than 5,000 disappeared persons.

The PRI deputy said that in Mexico 46 people disappear every day, and stressed that if a Mexican disappears, his family is more likely to find him than the authorities. However, she asserted, if a mother raises her voice, she is threatened.

He mentioned that so far in 2022 they have killed five searchers who only wanted to see their children again. “On August 30, Rosario Rodríguez was murdered in Sinaloa, who had been looking for her son Fernando since 2019,” she said.

The Sinaloa legislator warned that “this is the most painful debt that Morena has with Mexico: that of serving families that do not give up and ask every day, in the face of the government’s indolence, where is that son or that sister that so much they miss”.

Similarly, he pointed out that Jalisco and Nuevo León, entities governed by Movimiento Ciudadano, lead the list of states with the most victims of disappearance, with 13,000 people and 6,000 people, not found, respectively.

“Those narco-governors don’t care about the victims. But what can we expect. MC is not a party of citizens or professional politicians. They are nothing more than a party of grasshoppers, who spend their time picking off the resentful from the other parties”, concluded Sánchez Ramos.

With information from the Chamber of Deputies

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