It happened on TV: Massa launched new measures, L-Gante told what his days in prison were like and Mauro Icardi missed an unusual goal

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TV summary September 26

Looking ahead to October 22 elections, Patricia Bullrich seeks to strengthen his candidacy, which is why he began with the help of several officials, including Horacio Rodríguez Larretaa caravan through different areas of the suburbs, while Alberto Fernandez He confessed that his dream is to give the presidential sash to Sergio Massaand the economy minister announced new measures.

Yesterday was full of events and political statements, since the countdown to the presidential elections tense the electoral climate between the candidates of the different parties.

In this sense, it was possible to notice the closeness of those politicians who showed certain differences prior to the elections. PASSEDand today seeks unity and strength in the face of truly unpredictable elections.

In this way, the candidate for president of Together for Change (JxC), Patricia Bullrich, along with Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, who got on the “Patoneta” to seal the first photo of the campaign unit, as transmitted Telam.

Horacio Rodriguez Larreta and Patricia Bullrich in Lomas de Zamora
Horacio Rodriguez Larreta and Patricia Bullrich in Lomas de Zamora

While, Union for the Homeland He was in Dock Sudgiving an inauguration ceremony to a new work of the Riachuelo System pretreatment plant, which aims to avoid contamination by sewage liquids from the basin.

The president was present Alberto Fernandezthe Minister of Public Works, Gabriel Katopodisthe owner of Aysa, Malena Galmarinithe Minister of Economy, Sergio Massa, among others.

“I do politics to transform people's lives and no one is going to take that away from me, and I think it will be a great story going forward,” said Malena through tears, who at the end was surprised by Sergio Massa, who approached and He gave him a kiss in front of the militancy that was present at the scene.

The president then continued his speech, referring again to the future of the country. "I have a dream. On December 10, I can give the band to Sergio. We must all help. “Everyone stand up, everyone to convince Argentina,” Fernández shouted while they applauded him.

Malena Galmarini's excitement about starting a work: "I think it's going to be a great story going forward."
Malena Galmarini's excitement over the launch of a work: "I think it will be a great story going forward"

Meanwhile, the head of the Treasury Palace reported yesterday that there will be a benefit for all informal workers who will receive a bonus of $47,000 that will be paid in two installments, one in October and another in November.

It was an initiative of the minister and the head of Anses, Fernanda Ravertawhich targets the “black” sector of the labor market that, because it was outside the formal circuits, could not be a beneficiary of some of the measures taken by the Executive Branch since the primary elections.

However, some informal workers raised their voices and were dissatisfied with the measure.

“These sums are temporary. What we want is a permanent solution. A more serious, more lasting job,” said a worker in dialogue with a mobile phone. Chronicle TV.

Who also disagreed with the proposals and the figure of Massa was the former president Mauricio Macriwho assured that “there is no possibility of a runoff between Milei and the economy minister.”

“It is illogical that I get not even the same amount as in the PASO, I should get much less, because this inflation was not seen decades ago,” he commented in TN last night.

Macri assured Massa will get fewer votes than in the PASO
Macri assured Massa will get fewer votes than in the PASO

Meanwhile, the other candidate for president, Javier Mileiwas once again at the center of the media controversy as a result of the discussion that the candidate for head of government opened over his space, Ramiro Marraregarding Public Television and some of the segments such as Paka Pakathe educational part of the channel.

Thus, TN He made a parody of presenting a new cartoon with a chainsaw that is the protagonist of a program called taka takain parody of Paka Pakatelevision broadcast that the liberal official wants to eliminate from the Public TV because the content it transmits is not to your liking.

“It is broadcast on the Taka Taka signal, because to see it you will have to put money in,” said the libertarian impersonator in relation to his idea of ​​privatizing said channel.

Taka Taka, the parody of Paka Paka according to the cartoon by Javier Milei
Taka Taka, the parody of Paka Paka according to the cartoon by Javier Milei

Who also made the news yesterday was L-Ghent who visited the apartment Little Correct (The Thirteen) and he told what his experience was like inside the prison in which he was housed recently.

“My cell was the smallest of all and as soon as I took a step everyone told me 'we already know you're here', and then I said 'uh'. Whether you have a good or bad time, it hurts you in several ways,” said the man who managed to obtain freedom at the end of August.

And if it comes to legal matters, Lucio Dupuy's mother and stepmother finally had the signed sentence of the life sentence, which was ratified yesterday by the Criminal Appeal Court of La Pampa for the crime of her son. 5 years old, who was also tortured and sexually abused.

In the legal process, he had been found guilty Esposito Valenti, mother of the victim, of murder tripled by the link, treachery and cruelty; already Abigail Paez of homicide doubly qualified by treachery and cruelty, in real competition with the crime of sexual abuse with carnal access through the anus, executed with a phallic object; aggravated by being the guardian and having been committed against a minor under 18 years of age, taking advantage of the pre-existing cohabitation situation.

Sentenced to life imprisonment
Sentenced to life imprisonment

To conclude, the world of sports was surprised once again with the great performance of Julian Alvarezon this occasion, in the advertising field.

With a black sweatshirt and shorts adidas To match, the native of Calchín entered the scene pretending to be a waiter by carrying a sandwich, loot and a trophy on a tray; However, a slip caused everything to fly into the air. When everything suggested that it was inevitable that these objects would end up on the floor, the striker stabilized himself and managed to stabilize everything impeccably on his tray, just as he did. Spiderman in the famous movie.

In any case, not everything was joy for the footballers, since during the match Istanbulspor against Galatasaray, Mauro Icardiwanted to imitate the emblematic penalty of Messi and Suarez in 2016 in a victory of Barcelona 4-1 over Celta Vigo by The Spanish League.

However, there are things that only happen once in a lifetime, and this was the case because Mauro's performance ended in a blooper after he missed the penalty by kicking the ball outside the goal.

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