“It had never been so long without winning”: Dani Alves broke the silence and was honest about the elimination of Pumas


Dani Alves broke the silence and offered his first press conference since arriving in Mexicoin it he gave free rein to his opinions about Pumas, Mexican soccer, his critics and the fans in general, among many other things.

Now that the university team has been eliminated from the Apertura 2022 tournament and has no chance of advancing to the Liguilla, the Brazilian player did not want to describe the feline season as a failure and gave his arguments, since he does not consider himself a failure, but a winner.

“He who surrounds himself with failure is a failure. You have to stay out of all that. In the end he’s not frustrating, but he’s disappointed that people don’t appreciate the opportunity. People are looking at the world outside, but from the cell phone. The outside world where there is poverty, difficulties, we do not understand how it works, ”she expressed.

Despite this, the side of the Brazilian National Team was honest and said that it was a disconcerting campaign, in which had the longest losing streak of his career and where the best is Learn from mistakes and work to improve.

He had never gone so long without winning. it’s puzzling, it is obvious that it is disconcerting, but the hard work is for those who can do it, for the others it is only their opinion; so my job, my mission is to try to change the mentality in that aspect“, he narrowed down.

Alves also took time to express his opinion of the Liga MX, which he considers to be of a high level, and about the Aztec soccer players, whom he described as “conformists”, because they sometimes stay in a comfort zone. , despite having the talent to continue growing and reach very high.

I always said that the level of Mexican soccer is brutal. What is certain is that they (footballers) believe little, they are a bit disorganized. The organization of the championship can be improved, but the level of the players is very high. In Brazil they say that the level of Mexico is not very high, but they recently faced the best team in Brazil (Palmeiras) with a team from Mexico (Tigres) and the Brazilians did not qualify for the World Cup Final; then it is the balance of where the level is, ”he said.

I really like the good players that Mexico has; They don’t believe it much, they conform. It’s my feeling, sorry if I’m wrong, that people are very conformist. If you are in Europe it is because life is there, if they are in a good team that is life. No my love, life is living every day. Thinking that one can be better every day, at all times,” he continued.

Finally, regarding the criticism he has received every day for several months due to the poor performance of Pumas, Dani stressed that they do not affect him, since he decides what to take from what he sees and hears, because he is used to receiving negative comments. and to prove that those who attack him are wrong.

What I am experiencing (from criticism) is what I experienced in São Paulo at the time, they criticized me, they criticized me and I won the Olympic Games, because my focus is on the goal. I am obsessed with goals. Football is like life and linear life is death. That is not going to change, the thing is not to stop fighting, it is to make him want. People do not know what the recipe to win is, but that it has eggs, it has eggs“, he mentioned.

“The problem with soccer today is that many people have that power in their hands, to have that power to think what they want; they have the power to speak whatever they want, but they forgot that we have the power to listen to them or not; may or may not agree with them. I prefer the world that does, the world that executes and the world that trusts what it does. I think that, atIn the end, we are in a jungle and we have to be the lion, at least in our lives. I am the lion of my life and it doesn’t matter what jungle it is, it doesn’t matter how hungry I am, I will never eat leaves“, he concluded.

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