It costs Gabriel Caballero's position thrashed against America | Video

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The rout of América 6-0 to Mazatlán CF this saturday in Aztec stadium, match valid for the Date 4 of the Closing Tournament 2023 of the MX League, had a harsh consequence, Gabriel Caballero ceased to be a technician The Gunboats.

The Argentine coach nationalized mexican, would have submitted his resignation after what he lived in front of the Eagles, so neither will his right hand be keptthe Christian Gimenez. Later, the team itself released a statement to publicize the departure of the former player of the Tuzos del Pachuca and his work team.

"The board of directors of Mazatlán FC informs that the professor, Gabriel Caballeroand his work team, leave the technical direction of the first team ”, can be read in the letter.

Besides, Christian Ramirezdirector of basic forces of the club, will be the interim coach for Date 5 of the Clausura 2023, where he Mazatlán will measure forces against FC Juárez in the Kraken.

Mazatlan FC received cfour goals in just 10 minutess in the first part, which gave shape to the scandalous defeat away from home.

The Sinaloans are in the general table backgroundsince of 12 points that have been disputed they have not been able to add a single unit.

Gabriel Caballero arrived at Mazatlán FC in March 2022, where he achieved play 30 matches; registering 12 losses, 11 draws and only seven wins since he took the helm of the team.

Knight became the first coach to leave his position in the Clausura 2023 tournament of Liga MX.

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