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The Orwellian language of the Israeli Government is not going to prevent us from seeing the barbarism it is organizing in the Gaza Strip. They want us to become blind and deaf, to believe that Gazans, all without exception or judgment, are nothing more than a dangerous threat. They seek to justify the unjustifiable: mass murders of women and children, innocent civilian population, attacks on ambulances and hospitals, use of chemical weapons and violation of all norms of international law. They can spread by land, air and sea that the Palestinians are all terrorists but we have eyes and ears and we see live their biblical and vengeful criminal attacks. In my neighborhood, posters have appeared plastered on the walls with the faces of Israelis kidnapped by Hamas. Not all the streets of Barcelona would be enough if we dedicated ourselves to wallpapering them with photographs of those murdered by Netanyahu. Their flight towards annihilating nothingness, which does not intend to destroy the jihadist organization but rather the inhabitants of the Strip to annex it, is clearly an invasion as despicable as the one committed by Russia in Ukraine. But the Arabs do not deserve the same compassion and in this case the executioners are presented as the victims and not only that but the only victims of the conflict as journalist Gideon Levy told in a video.

Lean A minor detail by Anadia Shibli, the Palestinian writer who was to have been awarded a prize at the Frankfurt Book Fair and was shamefully canceled by the organisation. Without instructive speeches or the worn-out language of those who show solidarity with the cause from a frivolous posture without having any idea of ​​the complexity of the situation, you will find in this short novel a clear photograph of what it means to be born without land, without peace, without not even humanity because in the eyes of those who have military force he is not even a person. They will also be able to understand the tremendous scope of colonization when access to the information and words necessary to construct the story of one's own history is prevented because the victor was in charge of erasing the trace of all the elements that could allow memory to be preserved. Now we are witnessing directly this process of erasing the truth of the victims, the Netanyahu Government intends for the entire international community to buy its lies and manipulations and for us to see the Palestinians as beings worthy of being exterminated. If we allow ourselves to be deceived, we, too, will have become accomplices to their state terrorism.

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