Israeli tanks surround and attack hospitals in northern Gaza | International

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The Gaza war against Hamas already exceeds in duration the one that Israel fought in 2006 in southern Lebanon, when it was drawn against the pro-Iran militia Hezbollah, but its consequences are being much more devastating, with more than 11,000 dead according to the health services of the Strip, controlled by the Islamist movement for 17 years. This Friday, Israeli tanks surrounded the hospitals in the north of the enclave and opened fire on a patio of the Al Shifa health complex, the most important and in whose basement the military intelligence services locate the command center of the armed wing of Hamas. . This same group has assured that at least 13 people have died in that hospital, a figure that the World Health Organization (WHO) has not been able to confirm. Israel flatly denies this, assures that it protects the civilian population and specifies that its operations are directed against militants hiding in residential areas. A health official has assured that at least 25 people have died in an air attack against a school in the Strip.

In the Al Quds hospital, also in the Gazan capital, at least one person has died due to an attack by Israeli forces, according to the Palestinian Red Crescent. The Indonesian Hospital has suffered serious damage and a fire has broken out in the Rantisi pediatric cancer center, according to reports from the Ministry of Health in Gaza, which this Thursday raised the death toll in the war to 11,078 (260 more than on the previous day), of which more than 4,500 are minors. In Israel, the toll of soldiers killed in the operation now rises to 39, adding to the 1,400 Israeli soldiers and civilians who lost their lives on October 7 in the Hamas incursion that sparked the conflict.

“Israel is now launching a military offensive against the hospitals in the capital of Gaza,” denounced the director of the Al Shifa hospital, Mohamed Abu Shelmeyah, in statements reported by the Reuters agency. The same health official has also assured that at least 25 people have died this Friday in an Israeli attack with missiles and artillery shells against the Al Buraq school in Gaza City, where hundreds of civilians who have lost their homes during the war take refuge. or those who hope to find a place that is safe from bombs, protected by international law. Those injured in the attack have been evacuated to Al Shifa hospital.

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