Israeli model leaves OnlyFans and goes to war against Hamas

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Natalia Fadeev She is a famous cosplay model on Instagram, among her feed there are photos of her disguised from anime characters, movies, superheroes, as well as content with firearms to knives.

@gunwaifu #CapCut #cosplay #mrsincredible original sound - nyc hotdog

The exuberant model of OnlyFans has asked for prayers as he joins the fight Israel against terrorists Hamas.


now the Andrew Tate fans are coming for me

prayer1 - april27

The media announced this Wednesday that she was called to struggle for his country as a reservist, since the country has military recruitment policies in which men and women must enlist for 32 and 24 months.

As he approaches the front, he uploaded a selfie on Instagram with his full team of the Israel Defense Forceswith a message in which he wrote 'This is not a war, it is a crime against humanity.'

On October 7, the Palestinian Islamist movement Hamas launched an attack by land, sea and air from Gaza against Israel, leaving more than 1,000 thousand dead and missing, including Latin Americans and Spaniards.

At last Natalia Fadeev She will fulfill her dream of becoming a true war correspondent.

Also the OnlyFans model Natalia, posed with her military uniform informing her followers 'I will not be very active on social networks. I joined my unit for reserve duty, I don't know for how long. Pray for us.'

Photo: nataliafadeev.


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