Israeli Forces Kill Palestinian Youth in Jerusalem | News


A young Palestinian of only 19 years of age was shot to death this Sunday by Israeli occupation forces in the vicinity of the Al-Aqsa mosque in occupied Jerusalem.


Israeli wounds four Palestinians in Hebron, West Bank

Local sources highlighted that the police opened fire on the young man and left him wounded on the ground, dying, until he perished.

Subsequently, the Israeli police authorities detailed that one of the officers was slightly injured with a knife while the other was injured while fire was opened on the deceased.

Police reports add that the doors of the mosque were closed after the young man was killed to prevent the faithful from attending prayer.

They also reported that the city maintained a state of alert among the occupation police, Israeli patrols and vehicles that flocked to Old Jerusalem and closed the entrances and exits.

At the end of last February, a 14-year-old minor was shot to death in the city of Bethlehem, in the south of the West Bank, after the police claimed to be carrying out “anti-terrorist” work.

These atrocious events are increasingly common in the regions occupied by Zionist regime forces that have shown on several occasions that one of the few things that they do not discriminate against is the age of their victims when it comes to killing them.

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