Israeli crackdown leaves 16 Palestinians detained and several injured | News


A new episode of Israeli repression on Friday left at least six Palestinians injured and 16 detained in the Bedouin communities of al-Atrash and Saawa, near the Negev desert, in southern Israel.


Release of Palestinian prisoner on hunger strike announced

The Palestinian Information Center (CIP) details in a report that the members of these communities were in their fourth day of protest against the Zionist regime, which intends to seize said territory by destroying it.

To which is added the planting of trees by Israeli settlers in order to divide these lands and displace the Palestinian residents of the region.

The CIP details that a large police force attacked the protesters with shots of rubber-coated metal bullets, tear gas and mold water, causing wounds from the impact of projectiles and several cases of suffocation.

Residents and witnesses also gave account of the launching of sound bombs by the repressive troops, which, added to the arrests, sought to dissolve the protesters before their confrontation with the bulldozers that were demolishing their lands and preparing their seizure.

In addition, they detailed that among the 16 civilians detained there is a minor and three women; They also reported the devastation of two tents set up by protesters to camp, and prohibiting residents from accessing their usurped lands.

The Bedouin of the Negev must comply with the system of laws that governs Israeli citizens, despite not having the same rights or access to services as the latter; nor be their communities connected to the national grid, water and electricity supply, as well as other services considered essential.

Palestinian Bedouin communities denounced that Israel seeks to consolidate the colonization and Judaization of the Negev desert through this mechanism of tree planting by Israeli settlers; as well as eliminating the Arab identity and its presence in that territory.

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