Israeli Army kills a Palestinian worker | News


The young Palestinian worker, Nabil Ahmed Ghanem, from Nablus, was assassinated this Sunday, by the Israeli occupation forces, near the Jaljulia Gate in the wall built by Tel Aviv in Qalqilya (center of the country), when he tried to enter the Israeli capital.


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The Palestinian Ministry of Health confirmed that it had been informed of the death of the young man, which coincided with what was said by the Israeli media, which had reported that a military force had killed a Palestinian at the separation wall near Qalqilya .

According to Israeli media, the young man was shot by Israeli forces when he tried to enter the “Jaljulia” gate of the separation wall with the West Bank, and later announced his death.

Meanwhile, the Wafa news agency quoted the Palestinian authorities as saying that the body of 53-year-old Ghanem is still being held by Israeli occupation forces in a Tel Aviv hospital.

In that same sense, the Palestinian authorities denounced that the Israeli occupation continues to persecute the Palestinian workers in the wall they call Apartheid and attacks them by firing bullets, gas and sound bombs at them, and injuring and arresting several of them.

Also this morning, the occupation forces arrested 13 workers near Jenin, the Jenin refugee camp, in the northern West Bank, who tried to enter the occupied territories.

In the same incident, three other Palestinians were killed and eight wounded on Friday, during violent clashes with the Israeli army.

Since the end of March, the Israeli Army has intensified the raids and operations called by Tel Aviv as “counter-terrorism” in various parts of the occupied West Bank, in which some 50 Palestinians have already died, as well as 550 arrested as “terrorism suspects”, according to the Israeli government.

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