Israeli Army carries out ground attack with tanks overnight in northern Gaza

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The Israel Defense Forces has announced that it has carried out a "targeted raid" with tanks "as part of the preparation" for the invasion. For its part, a Palestinian newspaper says that "violent armed clashes" are taking place in the center-east of the territory.

The Israeli Army announced early on Thursday that it had carried out a "selective raid" with tanks in the northern Gaza Strip "as part of the preparation" for the enclave invasioncontrolled by the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas).

"As part of the operation, the forces They have located and attacked many terroristshave destroyed terrorist infrastructure, anti-tank positions and have carried out organizational work in the area," explained the Israel Defense Forces (IDF).

Furthermore, they have clarified that "the troops have left the area at the end of the mission" and have returned "to Israeli territory," according to a statement.

The Israeli Army radio announced the military operation minutes before, stressing that the IDF had carried out "an unusual and extensive ground raid of infantry and armored forces", which has been the one with the "greatest range and depth" in said territory.

"Its purpose is to attack Hamas targets from within the Strip and strengthen the defense. This is a broader operation than the incursions carried out so far in the last two weeks in the Gaza Strip," the station noted.

For its part, the Palestinian newspaper Filastinlinked to Hamas, reported this morning that "violent armed clashes" are taking place in the center-east of the territory.

Hamas warns Israel

The 'number two' of the political arm of the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas), I went out to Arurihas assured that Israel will suffer "an unprecedented defeat" if it invades the Strip.

"If the enemy enters by land, there will be a new and glorious page for our people, and it will be an unprecedented defeat for the occupation in the history of the conflict," Al Aruri declared during an interview with the Al Manar channel, which is affiliated with the party. -Lebanese Shiite militia Hezbollah.

Regarding those captured, Al Aruri has said that the foreigners "they are your guests" but that the Israelis "will be exchanged" for Palestinian prisoners.

Likewise, he has described Israeli Army bombings "criminal" against the Gaza Strip, which for the moment they have left about 6500 deadand has asserted that the Israelis, "supported by the West", will receive an "inevitable" punishment.

Finally, the president of the United States, Joe Biden, has cast doubt on the official number of Palestinians killed by Israel's bombings. "I am sure that innocent people have died, and that is the price of fighting a war (...) But I have no confidence in the number that the Palestinians are using," he declared during a press conference with the Australian Prime Minister, Anthony Albanese.

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