Israel responds with artillery to sixth anti-tank missile launched today from Lebanon

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Jerusalem, Oct 15 (EFE).- The Israeli Army attacked Lebanon today after firing two new anti-tank missiles at military posts in its territory, further aggravating the tension on the border, which today marks its eighth consecutive day of exchanges of exchanges. fire.

"Following the initial report of anti-tank missiles being fired towards an Israel Defense Forces (IDF) military post along the Lebanese border, IDF soldiers are currently responding with artillery fire in the direction of the launch. ", reported the military spokesperson, which detailed that its troops also bombed a military target of the Shiite militia Hezbollah.

This incident follows other exchanges of fire this Sunday, in which the Israeli Army has already registered six launches of anti-tank missiles against its territory.

This morning, a missile launched by Hezbollah against the Israeli border town of Shtula caused one death and three injuries. Shortly after, more launches took place, targeting an Israeli military post and targeting a group of soldiers operating on the border.

"The mujahideen of the Islamic Resistance attacked a Merkava tank in the Raheb post (northern Israel) with guided missiles, which led to it being directly hit and its occupants being killed or injured," the political movement announced today. and armed Lebanese in a statement.

After the launch of the first of these missiles, Israel declared a 4-kilometer-wide strip along the common border a closed zone.

In this area, a military spokesperson said, access by civilians is prohibited and its inhabitants have limited movement.

The Israeli Army also ordered that all civilians living in an area up to 2 kilometers from the border must stay near protected places.

In the last week, Israeli forces and Hezbollah have engaged in cross attacks across the divide between both countries, an area in which there have also been some actions claimed by Palestinian factions present in Lebanese territory.

These episodes have left a total of at least four dead in Israel and at least 12 in Lebanon, including three civilians, four members of Hezbollah and 5 members of Palestinian militias. EFE


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