Israel prepares attack; will let civilians flee; Iran warns of consequences if there is an incursion

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After giving 24 hours to evacuate the northern Gaza Strip on Thursday, Israel announced the opening of two corridors so that the inhabitants of those areas can flee to the south.

While the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) prepare a ground attack on the Palestinian enclave, they announced that the two routes will be open “without any danger” from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. local time, although it was not specified for how many days. The Strip borders to the south with Egypt, a country that offered to be an exit, but which has its border closed.

Yesterday, the Mexican Foreign Minister, Alicia Bárcena, asked Israel to open a corridor. “Even war has rules,” she said.

The BBC reported that a convoy fleeing northern Gaza along one of the designated routes was attacked by the IDF, leaving several dead.

Iran's government, which supports Hamas, warned that if Israel's "war crimes and genocide" are not stopped, the situation could spiral out of control with "far-reaching consequences."

Israeli Militia announces the opening of two exit corridors for civilians in Gaza

Despite the fact that a safe route was opened to reach the southern border controlled by Egypt, attacks against convoys were recorded


TEL AVIV.— The Israeli army announced yesterday to the population of northern and north-central Gaza the opening of two exit corridors to the south of the enclave that will remain in force from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. local time, this while prepares to launch a ground assault on the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip.

The head of the Arab media division of the Israel Defense Forces, Colonel Avichay Adraee, assured that residents will be able to travel the central Saladin road and the route that links the coastal avenues of Daldul and Al Sana “without any danger” towards Khan Yunis, the main population in the south of the enclave, so that they can flee to Egypt, a country that offered to be an exit for civilians.

“If you care about your own safety and the safety of your loved ones, please proceed south as instructed,” the colonel said. Likewise, a message was sent to Hezbollah, a Lebanese armed group, not to start a second front or the destruction of Lebanon would be guaranteed.”

This protocol comes after Israel yesterday announced a 24-hour ultimatum for residents of towns in the northern and central part of the enclave to leave their homes due to the prospect of a ground incursion against Hamas.

The initiative was rejected by the United Nations and several international NGOs, which consider it as a forced displacement that will lead 1.1 million residents of these populations to a humanitarian catastrophe and a violation of international humanitarian law.

The evacuation of Gazan civilians is “totally impossible to implement,” said the head of European diplomacy, Josep Borrell.

Meanwhile, through its X account, the Israeli armed forces reported that Hamas closed roads and does not allow civilians to go south to reach Egypt.

“Gaza civilians, do not let Hamas decide your fate. “Israel is at war with Hamas, not with the people of Gaza,” the Israeli militia reported through a video and assured that it was the pro-Palestinian group that decided to position its weapons inside Gaza.

With 300 dead, Gaza suffers its deadliest day in the escalation of the conflict

Added to the human tragedy that the enclave is experiencing is the destruction of homes, roads, buildings and other civil infrastructure.


GAZA.— The Ministry of Health of the Hamas government in the Gaza Strip reported 300 Palestinian deaths in the last day, which represents the highest daily figure since the beginning of the Israeli attacks in response to the invasion that Hamas carried out. in its territory.

The Ministry's latest balance sheet recorded the death of 2,215 dead since the beginning of the Israeli military offensive. Among them there are 724 children and 458 women.

In addition, 8,000 people have been injured, including 2,450 children and 1,536 women in the Israeli attacks in retaliation for the offensive by Palestinian militiamen who on October 7 stormed 22 Israeli towns near the Gaza Strip.

More than 1,300 buildings in the Gaza Strip were completely destroyed, the United Nations (UN) reported this Saturday, one week after the intense bombing by the Israeli army following the bloody offensive by the Palestinian Islamist movement Hamas.

Some 5,1540 homes “were destroyed” in these buildings and another 3,750 suffered damage so serious that they cannot be inhabited, said the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), and others. 55 thousand were “partially damaged.”

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stated that these bombings are “just the beginning” of the retaliation that Israel seeks to impose on Hamas after its incursion into Israeli territory last weekend, in which more than 1,300 people died, in its majority civilians. It is the deadliest attack in the country's history.

Displacement affects hospitals

The World Health Organization (WHO) expressed its “strong condemnation” of the Israeli evacuation order for the northern Gaza Strip and recalled that it affects 22 hospitals and 2,000 patients hospitalized therein. “The forced evacuation of patients and health workers will further exacerbate the current humanitarian public health catastrophe,” the WHO warned in a statement.

In particular, the critically ill and the most fragile patients, the WHO said, could be the most affected, as there are patients in intensive care and other cases who could suffer “an imminent deterioration in their situation” or even death if they are forced to move.

part of war

  • A week into the conflict, Israel has recorded more than 1,300 deaths, 3,268 hospitalized injuries, of which 348 are serious.
  • In Gaza, at least 2,215 people have died, most of them civilians, of which 724 are children and 458 women.
  • The international press had access to a kibbutz in Israel where the deaths of at least 40 babies were recorded.
  • Around 150 hostages, including two Mexicans, are being held captive by the pro-Palestinian movement Hamas.

Leader who led attacks killed

JERUSALEM.— Through a statement, the Israeli military reported that a leader of the Palestinian Islamist movement Hamas, Ali Qadi, who led the attack against Israel on October 7, was killed by its armed forces.

Both sources in Palestine and the Israeli army explained that Qadi was one of more than a thousand Palestinian prisoners released by Israel in 2011 in exchange for a soldier, Gilad Shalit, captured by Hamas in 2006.

Qadi was arrested by Israel in 2005 for the kidnapping and murder of an Israeli man.

Meanwhile, the head of the Palestinian Islamist movement Hamas, Ismail Haniyeh, yesterday accused Israel of committing “war crimes” in the Gaza Strip. “Israeli atrocities constitute war crimes and flagrant violations of international law,” Haniyeh said in an open letter to United Nations Secretary António Guterres, according to a statement. -AFP

Arab reporter cries in Gaza hospital

“This is my local hospital, inside are my friends, my neighbors, this is my community, this is the most difficult day of my career; I never thought I would see something like this,” said BBC journalist Adnan El-Bursh, who was reporting on him from a sanatorium in Gaza.

“The dead are not given their dignity and the wounded are abandoned in the midst of their pain,” he narrated while explaining how painful it was for him to watch the agony of a little girl injured in the leg who would have been his daughter's age.

“Among the dead and injured, my cameraman, Mahmud, has seen his friend Malik. Malik has managed to survive, but his family has not,” reported El-Bursh, who was walking among stretchers with the wounded and deceased.

Meanwhile, Muhannad Tutunji, Haitham Abudiab and an Arab team of BBC journalists were detained and attacked in Tel Aviv by the Israel police.

Families wait anxiously; They demand the release of hostages

The Israeli army reported that during its operations this week in the Gaza Strip it found the bodies of some of the people kidnapped a week ago by Hamas.

“We have found and located some bodies of Israelis who had been kidnapped on the perimeter of the Gaza Strip,” said an army spokesman, Lieutenant Colonel Peter Lerner. According to Hamas, 22 hostages were killed by Israeli shelling.

Around the world, relatives wait for the hostages to return alive.

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Iran warns of lack of control in the Middle East due to siege on Gaza

TEHRAN.— “If the war crimes and genocide of Israeli apartheid are not immediately put to an end, the situation could spiral out of control and have far-reaching consequences, for which responsibility lies with the UN, the Security Council and the states that lead the Council towards a dead end,” Iran's mission to the United Nations published on its X account.

Iran's Foreign Minister, Hosein Amirabdollahian, assured that his country will leave any "front expansion" of the Gaza war between Hamas and Israel in the hands of its ally in Lebanon, Hezbollah.

The Israeli government accused Iran of organizing the Hamas attack.

Reuters and DPA

US sends second aircraft carrier to Israel

The Pentagon ordered the sending of the aircraft carrier USS Eisenhower to the Mediterranean Sea, in support of Israel, which is in an armed conflict with the Palestinian group Hamas. She will join the USS Gerald R. Ford, which is already positioned.

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Louvre and Palace of Versailles evacuated due to bomb threat

The Louvre Museum in Paris and the Palace of Versailles, in France, were evacuated due to bomb threats. The European country deployed 7,000 soldiers on alert for possible extremism due to the conflict between Israel and the Hamas group.

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