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The Israel Police attacked this Wednesday and destroyed the house of a Palestinian family in the Sheikh Jarrá neighborhood, a symbol of the struggle against the occupation of East Jerusalem and the site of confrontations for several months.


Israeli crackdown leaves 16 Palestinians detained and several wounded

The agents entered the home of the family at dawn who had been under threat of expulsion since 2017 and with a support campaign in the Palestinian Territories and abroad. The uniformed officers evacuated those who were in the home and 18 people were arrested in the operation, which they justified with the argument that the house was illegal.

International media confirm that the house of about 120 square meters was demolished, to which are added the testimonies of witnesses in the place who affirm that it was with an excavator.

“Overnight, the Israeli Police executed the order to evict illegal buildings on a plot of land planned for a school for children requiring special care in East Jerusalem,” the police statement said.

In turn, the security forces claimed that the Salhiya family repeatedly refused to “agree to hand over the land.” This land is located in East Jerusalem, illegally occupied in 1967 and later annexed by Israel.

Last Monday, after the arrival of the officers, the Slhiya family barricaded themselves with a barrel of gasoline and threatened to blow themselves up if they were forced to leave the site. Negotiations have been going on since that day.

The family’s lawyer, Walid Abu Tayeh, said 20 people were arrested in the operation, including Mahmoud Salhiya, other family members and six Israelis who came to help them.

Tayeh explained that Mahmud’s wife, Meital, is an Israeli Jew and stressed that the Supreme Court will examine the case on January 23. They lived with their children, Saljiya’s mother and sister and her children, according to the lawyer.

The Sheikh Jarrá area has experienced several clashes between settlers and the Israeli Police as a sign of protest against the evictions and in support of the Palestinian families. With the disturbances for this cause unleashed in May, a violent wave was intensified between the Islamist movement Hamas that dominates the Gaza Strip, an area blocked by the Israeli forces and the Government of Israel.

The Palestinian Foreign Minister, Riad Malki, denounced before the United Nations Security Council the impunity with which Israel acts on the illegally occupied territory.

“Israel’s denial of Palestinian rights and defiance of the international community has gone on for so long because you can rely on the fact that there will be criticism and condemnation, but there will be no consequences,” the diplomat noted.

In turn, Malki mentioned that 2021 was the deadliest year in a decade for Palestinians, especially children and notably in the besieged Gaza Strip.

The official called for an end to Israel’s impunity and expressed that his people are there to stay, which is why he urged the international community to stop so much unnecessary suffering.

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