Israel kills two civilians in missile attack on Syria | News


The Syrian Ministry of Defense reported on Monday the death of two civilians after a missile attack launched by Israel against several points in the vicinity of the capital, Damascus.


Syria denounces Israel for new missile attack

According to a ministry statement, the attack occurred around 5:00 am local time and was carried out by Tel Aviv fighters, which fired the rockets while flying over areas south of the Lebanese capital, Beirut.

Most of the missiles were shot down by the Syrian air defense, but those not intercepted caused material damage and the death of two civilians.

On February 24, another attack of this type took place, which took the lives of three soldiers of the Syrian Arab Army.

These are frequent actions with the use of long-range missiles or artillery, to which the Syrian Government has said that it will respond with all legitimate means at its disposal.

The Executive has reiterated that the attacks are intended to weaken the country and support terrorist groups opposed to peace and stability in Syria and the region.

In addition to condemning the attacks, Damascus has rejected the silence before them from the international community and in particular the United Nations Organization (UN).

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