Israel-Hamas War, what is happening today October 9, 2023

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The war between Israel and Hamas in the Gaza Strip enters its third day after the surprise attack by the Palestinian Islamist group that led to the situation becoming tense and that has already left thousands of dead on both sides of the territory.

Authorities have realized the hostage taking by Hamas, among which there would be two Mexicans, and even scenes of terror in which members of the Islamist group pose with the bodies of civilians. Among the victims are foreigners, some of them who had attended a music festival.

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This is the latest news on what's happening today October 9, 2023 in the conflict between Israel and Palestine.

Sedena plane leaves for Israel on first flight to return Mexicans

A Mexican Air Force plane already flies to Israel to repatriate Mexicans who were stranded in that country after the conflict with Palestine broke out three days ago; Its about first of the two flights that will take place this Monday.

He General Leobardo Ávila Bojórquez is the head of the delegation which is also made up of personnel from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The plane will make a stopover in Canada, then Northern Ireland, Turkey and finally Tel Aviv.

Hamas threatens to kill hostages for every Israeli bombing

The armed arm of Hamas warned that it will begin executing a captive Israeli civilian in exchange for any new bombing by Israel to civilian homes in the Gaza Strip without prior notice.

The spokesman for Hamas's armed wing, Abu Obaida, stated that they have been acting in accordance with Islamic instructions by keep Israeli captives safe and soundand blamed the planned measure on Israel's intensification of bombing and killing of civilians inside their homes in unannounced airstrikes.

Israel ordered a series of bombings on the third day of the conflict with Hamas. (Reuters)

UN chief "distressed" by Israeli bombings in Gaza

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said he was "deeply distressed" by Israel's imposition of a full siege on the Gaza Strip after the Hamas attack on the country.

"While I recognize Israel's legitimate concerns for its security, I also remind it that military operations must be carried out in accordance with international humanitarian law," Guterres told reporters, once again condemning the movement's "abject attacks." Palestinian Islamist Hamas.

Israel continues bombing the Gaza Strip in its offensive against Hamas. (AFP)

Chile sends a plane to rescue its citizens stranded by the Israel-Palestine conflict

Chile sent a plane from its air force this Monday to transport its citizens who are stranded in Israel and the Palestinian territories, in the midst of the war that broke out after the attack by the Palestinian group Hamas.

"We are going to arrive at Ben Gurion (Tel Aviv airport) and we will make all the necessary flights to get all the Chileans out," said Chilean Air Force General Andrés Leiva.

It's about a humanitarian flight to transport Chilean citizens, especially tourists, who are in that area of ​​the Middle East and who were surprised by the war between Israel and the Islamist group that controls the Gaza Strip. The flight will make stops in Brazil, Cape Verde, Spain and Greece before arriving at Ben Gurion Airport, after a 23-hour journey. The plane, a Boeing 737, has a maximum capacity for 109 passengers and a crew of 20 people.

Israeli police and rescue personnel search the site of a rocket attack from Gaza in Beitar Illit, a town in the Gush Etzion settlement group in the occupied West Bank. (AFP)

Israel orders "complete siege" against Hamas

Israel ordered the "complete siege" of the Gaza Strip, controlled by Hamas, on the third day of the Palestinian Islamist group's unprecedented offensive. After this unprecedented attack, compared by Israel to the attacks in the United States of September 11, 2001, the Israeli army announced that "controls" southern towns where there were Hamas infiltratorsbut admitted that "there could still be terrorists in the area," according to a military spokesman.

Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant ordered a "complete siege" of the enclave.

"We are imposing a total siege on Gaza (...) no electricity, no food, no water, no gas, everything closed," Gallant said in a video. "We are fighting animals and we act accordingly," he added.

"What Hamas will experience will be difficult and terrible (...) we are going to change the Middle East," declared Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who asked the population to prepare for a "long and difficult" war.

Israeli bombing in the Gaza Strip, an area controlled by Hamas. (AFP)

Three Mexicans are missing after the conflict between Israel and Palestine broke out three days ago, reported President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, who said that the authorities are already in contact with his relatives and there is currently a search operation to try to locate them.

The Mexican president announced that two flights from the Ministry of National Defense will depart todayand, one in the morning and another in the afternoon, to repatriate approximately 300 Mexicans who requested to return to the country after being stranded by the conflict.

Hamas rules out prisoner swap with Israel

The Palestinian Islamist movement Hamas is not currently open to negotiating a prisoner swap with Israel, a member of the group's political office in Doha said on Monday.

"The military operation continues (...) therefore, there is currently no possibility of negotiation on the issue of prisoners or anything else," Hossam Badran told AFP.

Wall Street opens lower due to situation in the Middle East

The NYSE opened this Monday lower, with uncertainty after the surprise offensive by the Islamist group Hamas against Israelwhich makes one fear rising energy prices and on the eve of a week with a first series of business results.

After the first operations, the star index, the industrial Dow Jones, lost 0.25%, while the Nasdaq, based on technology, fell 0.78% and the expanded S&P 500 index - of the 500 main companies - fell 0. 44%.

An area of ​​the Gaza Strip on fire following Israel's response to Hamas attacks. (Reuters)

EU suspends aid to Palestine; calls an emergency meeting

The European Union summoned the bloc's foreign ministers to a meeting this Tuesday. emergency meeting to discuss the situation in Israel and Gazaand announced the suspension of development aid for the Palestinians.

A spokesman for the European Commission, Peter Stano, said that the meeting would be held "partially in Muscat"capital of Oman, and "those who are not there will join by videoconference."

The European Commissioner for Enlargement, Olivér Varhelyi, announced on the X network that the EU decided to suspend with immediate effect the payment of development aid to Palestinians.

"All payments are suspended immediately. All projects put under review. All budget proposals, including for 2023, postponed until further notice. Comprehensive evaluation of the entire portfolio," he said.

EU aid programs for the Palestinians focus on education and health projects, and it is estimated that between 2021 and 2024 they should total around 1.2 billion euros (almost 1.3 billion dollars).

Emergency services work at the site of the Israeli attacks, in the Jabalia refugee camp, in the northern Gaza Strip. (Reuters)

US reports at least 9 of its citizens killed in Hamas attack

The United States confirmed "the "death of nine Americans" in the attack by the Palestinian Islamist group Hamas against IsraelThe National Security Council of the White House and the State Department reported this Monday.

A State Department spokesperson said he still has no news of some of his fellow citizens in the area of ​​the attacks and "is working with Israeli authorities to determine their whereabouts." Authorities have not yet said whether there are Americans among the Palestinian Islamist group's hostages.

Israeli security forces transport the fragment of a rocket fired from the Gaza Strip. (AFP)

A Mexican Air Force plane will take off from the facilities of the Military Air Base (BAM) number 1, located in Santa Lucía, in Zumpango, State of Mexico, bound for Israel, to repatriate Mexicans who are trapped in the conflict in that country with Hamas.

Starting on Friday, when the attacks by the Islamist group Hamas began in the Gaza Strip, groups of Mexican tourists, originally from Campeche, Nayarit, Guanajuato and San Luis Potosí, have requested the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (SRE) to intervene to help them get out of the conflict zone.

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