Israel-Hamas war, what is happening today October 14, 2023

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The war between Israel and Hamas in the Gaza Strip completed a week after the surprise attack by Hamas, which led to massive bombings and left more than 3,000 dead between both regions. As of last night, the bombing of the Gaza Strip continued, and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stated that the offensive against the region "is just the beginning."

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In an attack on the border between Lebanon and Israel, a Reuters news agency journalist was killed and 6 other reporters were injured. Like the United States Secretary of State, the US Secretary of Defense, Lloyd Austin, met with his Israeli counterpart Yoav Gallant, to express solidarity and arms support.

These are the latest news on what is happening today, October 14, 2023, in the conflict between Israel and Palestine.

7:45 AM | Protests in support of Israel and Palestine erupt across the Middle East and Western countries

Tens of thousands of protesters demonstrated Friday and part of Saturday across the Middle East and in parts of Asia, Europe and the United States in support of the Palestinians and Israelis as they intensified their attacks on Gaza in retaliation for attacks by Hamas.

Jewish communities in the United States, France and elsewhere also held demonstrations of solidarity with Israel. after the Hamas attack from Gaza, the deadliest massacre against Israeli civilians in the country's 75-year history. There has been strong support and sympathy for Israel from Western governments and many citizens over the Hamas attacks, but the Israeli response has also sparked anger, particularly in Arab and Muslim countries.

7:15 AM | Hamas says Israeli bombings in Gaza killed 9 hostages in the last 24 hours

At least five Israeli civilians and four foreigners, held hostage by Hamas in the Gaza Strip, were killed by Israeli bombings in that Palestinian enclave in the last 24 hours, the military arm of the Palestinian Islamist movement reported this Saturday.

The nine died from "bombings in places where prisoners were detained," the Ezedin al Qasam Brigades said in a statement, without giving more details. With these deaths, the number of Hamas hostages killed in bombings since the war between Israel and the Islamist movement began a week ago rises to 22, according to the latter.

7:00 AM | Israeli Army warns that residents of northern Gaza should not "delay" their evacuation

The Israeli army on Saturday warned the residents of Gaza City "not to delay" their evacuation and to head towards the south of the Palestinian enclave, before the launch of a ground military offensive. Israel designated two safe routes for the more than two million residents of the northern Gaza Strip, urged to move to the south of the territory before the army launches a ground offensive against the Islamist movement.

There is a "window from 10:00 to 16:00" on Saturday, a military spokesman, Richard Hecht, told the press, without specifying until when it would be open. "We know it will take time, but we advise people not to delay," he added.

6:50 AM | Hezbollah claims responsibility for shooting at Israeli army posts

The Lebanese Islamist group took responsibility for firing on Mount Dov, near the Lebanese border, on Saturday. In an official statement, the organization said they fired mortar shells and anti-tank missiles at five IDF army posts.

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