Israel-Hamas war, what is happening today October 10, 2023

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The war between Israel and Hamas in the Gaza Strip enters its fourth day after the surprise attack by Hamaswhich led to the situation becoming tense and which has already left hundreds dead on both sides of the territory, as well as the constant bombing from both sides.

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Among the victims are various foreigners and the Islamist group is holding others hostage. Starting this Monday, the massive bombing of the Gaza Strip began as part of Israel's operation against Hamas, maintaining the state of emergency in the region.

These are the latest news on what is happening today, October 10, 2023, in the conflict between Israel and Palestine.

10:30 AM | Sweden and Denmark suspend aid to Palestine

Sweden has temporarily suspended development aid to the Palestinian territories following the surprise attack by Hamas militants on Israel over the weekend, Development Minister Johan Forssell said at a news conference on Tuesday. Neighboring Denmark announced earlier on Tuesday that it would suspend its aid.

The foreign ministers of the European Union will meet Tuesday to resolve divisions among its 27 members over whether to continue aid payments to the Palestinians a day after the European Commission backtracked on an announcement suspending all that aid.

10:20 AM | There are more than 1,800 dead among Israelis and Palestinians

According to Israeli and Gaza Strip authorities, At least 1,830 people have been killed in clashes between Israeli and Hamas forces., including the discovery of more than 100 dead in the Beeri kibbutz. At least a thousand Israelis and foreigners have died, as well as 830 citizens in Gaza.

Four Palestinian journalists lost their lives this Tuesday in an Israeli attack in Gaza City, a press union reported. Among the fatalities on Israeli soil are numerous citizens of other nationalities: 18 Thais, 11 Americans, 10 Nepalese, seven Argentines and four French, among others.

9:55 AM | Mexican Air Force plane arrived in Tel Aviv

The Boeing 737-800 plane with registration 3528 of the Mexican Air Force (FAM), which travels on a humanitarian aid and rescue mission, landed at Ben Gurion International Airport in Tel Aviv, Israelat 6:17 p.m. local time, 9:17 a.m. in Mexico City, according to the Flighradar application.

After a route of almost 24 hours of transferthe Mexican military aircraft, took off after 10:00 a.m. on Monday from Military Air Base number 1, in Santa Lucía, State of Mexico and made stops in Gander, Canada; Shannon, Ireland and Anatolia, Türkiye. For the transfer of Mexicans to Mexico, the Foreign Ministry indicated that the Standards for the Execution of Consular Assistance and Protection to Mexican Persons Abroad, updated as of July 2023, will be applied.

9:00 AM | Israel attacks targets after rocket fire from southern Lebanon

The IDF struck targets in southern Lebanon after rocket sirens sounded along Israel's northern border with Lebanon on Thursday afternoon, the military confirmed. Sirens sounded in the border communities of Metzuva, Betzet, Shlomi, Hanita, Achziv and Liman in the Western Galilee area.

A rocket was reported to have landed in Shlomi, but no injuries or damage were reported. The army used artillery to attack targets across the border.

8:50 AM | Hamas killed "more than 100" people in a single kibbutz during its offensive

The militants of the Palestinian Islamist movement who attacked southern Israel on Saturday They killed "more than 100 people" in the Beeri kibbutz, inreported the spokesperson for the NGO Zaka, which participated in the identification of the victims.

"There were many, more than a hundred" dead, said the spokesman, Motu Bukjin. The militiamen "shot at everyone, murdered children, babies, the elderly, everyone in cold blood," he added. "(There were) babies with their heads cut off" and "entire families shot in their beds," he detailed.

8:25 AM | Israel kills two senior Hamas officials

The IDF reported the death of Hamas Finance Minister Jawad Abu Shmala, who the Israeli military said was responsible for the distribution of funds for terrorism inside and outside the Gaza Strip.

Shmala was killed in a targeted Israeli airstrike overnight on Monday. The IDF also successfully attacked another member of Hamas's political bureau, Zakaria Abu Maamar, who served as the group's head of international relations.

8:00 AM | Rockets fired from Gaza towards Israel

Around 5:00 p.m. (local time), rockets were fired in Gaza towards the furthest target since the start of the Hamas attack, towards Ashkelon and Tel Aviv. Authorities raised alarms in Israel's northern coastal region. One of the rockets hits the Regina Hotel in Ashkelon.

7:30 AM | This is the balance of foreigners killed in the conflict

Dozens of foreign citizens have been killed, injured or taken hostage since the offensive launched by the Palestinian Islamist group Hamas against Israel, which has already left more than 900 dead on the Israeli side, including several Latin Americans and Spaniards. Several of them were participating in a rave festival in the desert near the border with the Gaza Strip where at least 250 people were killed. This is how the list looks for now.

  • Thailand: 18 dead
  • United States: 11 dead
  • Nepal: 10 dead
  • Argentina: 7 dead
  • France: 4 dead
  • Ukraine: 2 dead
  • Russia: 2 dead
  • United Kingdom: 2 dead
  • Cambodia: one dead
  • Canada: one dead

7:00 AM | Putin affirms that the conflict illustrates "the failure" of the United States in the Middle East

Russian President Vladimir Putin said Tuesday that the conflict between Israel and the Palestinian Islamist movement Hamas illustrates "the failure" of United States policy in the Middle East, and affirmed that the creation of a Palestinian state is a "necessity." .

"I think many people would agree with me that this is a clear example of the failure of US policy in the Middle East," Putin declared during the meeting with al Sudani and advocated for "the need to implement the decisions of the Council Security Council on the creation of a sovereign and independent Palestinian State".

6:45 AM | More than 187 thousand internally displaced people in the Gaza Strip due to conflict

The war between the Palestinian Islamist movement Hamas and Israel has forced the displacement of more than 187,500 people within the Gaza Strip since Saturday, indicated the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA).

"The number of displaced people has increased considerably in the Gaza Strip, rising since Saturday. Most are sheltered in UNRWA schools," the UN agency for Palestinian refugees, a spokesperson for UNRWA told reporters on Tuesday. OCHA, Jens Laerke.

6:30 AM | Germany opens investigation into Hamas attacks

German justice has opened an investigation into the attacks by the Palestinian Islamist group Hamas in Israel, on suspicion of murder and kidnapping of German citizens, the attorney general's office announced on Tuesday. The investigation is open "for suspicions of membership in a foreign terrorist group, hostage-taking and murder."

"The attorney general has opened an investigation against unidentified members of the radical Palestinian Islamist organization Hamas," said a spokeswoman for the Karlsruhe prosecutor's office, in charge of terrorism-related matters.

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