Israel extends offensive to Syria and Egypt; EU launches feint

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Two weeks after the invasion of the Hamas terrorist group, the Israeli army yesterday attacked positions outside the Gaza Strip.

In Syria, there were attacks on Syria's two main airports, in Damascus and Aleppo, where two employees were killed.

"At around 05:25 (local time), the Israeli enemy carried out an airstrike against the international airports of Damascus and Aleppo, killing one employee at the Damascus airport and wounding another," he told the agency. Syrian news officer Sana.

The material damage caused to the airport landing strips left them out of service.

This is the second time since the escalation in the conflict between Israel and Hamas that simultaneous attacks have hit the airports of both cities.

Likewise, there were some injuries after “by mistake” a missile from Israeli forces hit an Egyptian control tower.

Recently, an Israeli army tank mistakenly hit an Egyptian position near the border, in the Kerem Shalom sector,” the army announced in a statement.

Kerem Shalom is a goods crossing point located in the border triangle between Israel, Egypt and the Gaza Strip.

For its part, the Egyptian army reported “minor injuries” in its ranks, but failed to specify how many.

"During ongoing fighting in the Gaza Strip on Sunday, an Egyptian control tower was hit by shrapnel from a projectile mistakenly fired by an Israeli tank, causing minor injuries to members of the border guard forces," the spokesman said. army.

"The Israeli side said it was sorry immediately after this unintentional incident, an investigation is underway," he added.

For its part, in the West Bank, alerts remain due to attacks on a mosque where, according to Israeli forces, a Hamas attack was being prepared.

Meanwhile, at least 13 people were killed and 27 more were injured in an Israeli bombardment on the Jabalia refugee camp, in the northern Gaza Strip.

Israel accelerated its offensive after on October 7, a group of Hamas members broke into its territory and killed at least 1,400 people.

Yesterday, in Mexico City, hundreds of people gathered, on the one hand to express their support for Israel and on the other, in favor of Palestine.

Since then, the escalation of the conflict has remained active.

On October 15, Israel asked civilians in the northern Gaza Strip to move south to take refuge from shelling.

In response, according to a United Nations count, at least 1.4 million Palestinians have been displaced since the conflict began.

For the multilateral organization, the humanitarian situation in the territory is “catastrophic.”

According to Hamas, 165,000 homes were damaged.


The United States will not hesitate to act militarily against any organization or country that attempts to expand the conflict between Israel and Hamas in the Middle East.

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin announced the strengthening of his military presence in the region, due to escalations by Iran and its affiliated forces.

The head of the Pentagon criticized those who try to expand the conflict.

Our advice is not to do it. We retain our right to defend ourselves and will not hesitate to act accordingly,” he stated.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken spoke in the same vein.

“We are concerned about the possibility that Iranian proxies will intensify their attacks against our own personnel, our own people,” he said in a television interview.

“No one should take advantage of this moment to escalate attacks against Israel or, indeed, attacks against our military and civilian personnel in the region,” the official warned.

In this sense, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned yesterday that the Lebanese formation supported by Iran would “make the mistake of its life” if it decides to enter the war against Israel and that the consequences will be “devastating for Lebanon.”

The international community fears that the war that began on October 7 between Hamas and Israel will escalate and spill over to other countries in the region.

Yesterday, US President Joe Biden spoke by phone this Sunday with the leaders of Canada, Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom and France.

War, every war, is always a defeat, a destruction of human brotherhood, brothers, stop! "Stop!" declared the pope in the Vatican.



A new convoy of 17 trucks with humanitarian aid entered the Gaza Strip yesterday, two weeks after the outbreak triggered by an offensive by the Hamas terrorist group in Israeli territory.

This is the second humanitarian shipment that arrived in the Palestinian enclave of 2.4 million inhabitants.

In the convoy there were six tanker trucks with fuel for hospital electricity generators.

Volunteers from civil organizations, with help at Al Arish airport, northern Egypt. Photo: AFP

Last Saturday, a first caravan entered the Rafah Pass, on the border with Egypt.

According to the UN, at least 100 trucks a day would be needed to meet the needs of all Gazans.

For its part, the UN agency for Palestinian refugees (UNRWA) announced yesterday that 29 of its employees have died since October 7.


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