Israel denies involvement in Gaza hospital attack

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The army of Israel denied involvement in explosion that killed hundreds at Gaza hospitaland claimed that it was caused by a poorly fired Palestinian rocket.

The Gaza Ministry of Health, led by Hamasreported that an Israeli airstrike caused the explosion, and that killed about 500 peoplemany of whom had taken refuge in the hospital from an ongoing Israeli offensive.

However, the Israeli military said that Palestinian fighters had launched a barrage of rockets near the hospital at the time of the explosion.

In this sense, he attributed to the Palestinian organization Islamic Jihad the rocket launch.

"According to intelligence information, based on various sources we have obtained, Islamic Jihad is responsible for the failed launch of the rocket that hit the hospital," the Israeli military said in a statement.

Even Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu claimed on X (formerly Twitter) that the missile was fired by "barbaric terrorists."

"Let everyone know: the barbaric terrorists in Gaza are the ones who attacked the hospital in Gaza, not the Israeli Army. They are the ones who have brutally murdered our children, and now they have killed their own too," he wrote.

However, the Islamic Jihad spokesman denied that his group was responsible for the attack.

Hamas says US responsible for attack

The United States is responsible for the attack on a Gaza hospital in which hundreds of Palestinians died, the Hamas leader declared. Ismail Haniyehin a televised speech late on Tuesday, in which he stressed that Washington gave Israel protection "for its aggression."

"The hospital massacre confirms the brutality of the enemy and the extent of their sense of defeat," he said, adding that the attack will be "a new turning point."

Haniyeh He called on all the Palestinian people "to come out and confront the occupation and the settlers."

He also called on all Arabs and Muslims to organize protests against Israel.



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