Israel continues to heavily bomb a suffocated Gaza while awaiting humanitarian aid

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Several civilian buildings have been destroyed, leaving dozens dead and hundreds injured, according to Palestinian sources. Due to the bombings, in addition, at least four hospitals have stopped functioning, while Israel maintains that its attacks have been against "military posts."

Gaza continues to suffer heavy Israeli air attacks, including against bakeries and a 14-story building reduced to rubble, causing dozens of deaths and hundreds of injuries, according to Palestinian sources. Meanwhile, the enclave's militias continue to fire rockets into Israeli territory on the thirteenth day of the war.

Likewise, at least four hospitals in the Gaza Strip have completely stopped functioning due to "continuous bombing" by Israel, the spokesman for the enclave's Ministry of Health, Ashraf al Qudra, reported this Thursday.

According to the Israeli army, the bombings of the last few hours have targeted "hundreds of Hamas military posts and facilities, which have been destroyed." Likewise, they have claimed to have also killed senior officials of the Islamist group and the Palestinian militias, including Rafat Harb Hussein Abu Bilal, head of the military wing of the Popular Resistance Committees organization, the third largest militia in Gaza.

The first woman to hold a position in the political office of Hamas, Jamila al Shanti, was also killed today by an Israeli bombardment on her home in Gaza.

Furthermore, according to the Gazan Government's media office, a third major death in today's offensive was Jihad Muheisen, commander of the National Security Forces, a military security body in the Palestinian territories that in Gaza is controlled by Hamas.

During today, the Gazan militias have continued to launch rockets towards Israel, sounding alarms in Israeli communities near Gaza or in the city of Tel Aviv, and the al Qasam brigades - the armed wing of Hamas - have also launched volleys of rockets towards the town of Ashkelon.

The war between Israel and the Palestinian militias in the Strip is the bloodiest in the region in decades, and broke out on October 7, when Hamas launched an attack on Israeli territory that included a ground incursion and caused at least 1,400 deaths.

For its part, the dead in Gaza due to Israeli bombings are already at least 3,785, among whom there are at least 2,604 women, children and the elderly, the Gaza Ministry of Health reported today.

At least four hospitals out of service

In a televised statement, the spokesperson for the Ministry of Health of the Gaza Strip specified that the affected health centers are the hospitals of Beit Hanun, Al Durra, Al Karama and the International Ophthalmology Hospital in Gaza City.

Likewise, it has confirmed that the Turkish-Palestinian Friendship Hospital, the only center that offers oncological services in Gaza, has partially stopped working due to lack of fuel and electricity and some of its sections such as the Emergency Room are out of service.

Waiting for the opening of the Rafah crossing

The UN and NGOs have accumulated some 3,000 tons of supplies in the northern part of Egypt that are already awaiting the opening of the Rafah crossing, the only border point in the Gaza Strip that is not controlled by Israel and a vital point. of entry for humanitarian aid in the face of the current escalation of the conflict.

The Israeli government agreed on Wednesday to allow the entry of such aid, making clear that it would not open the crossings under its control and that any shipment had to be made through Rafah. The Egyptian authorities have also given their approval, although no concrete measures have been taken.

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