Israel besieges the main hospitals in Gaza and leaves more than 11,000 dead since October 7

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The Israeli Army has also attacked a school in Gaza, killing at least 25 people. UNRWA has reported the deaths of 100 of its workers, the largest number of United Nations humanitarian workers killed in a conflict in the organization's history.

The Israeli Army has begun to surround several of the main hospitals in the northern Gaza Strip, including the Al Shifa Hospital Center, where at least 20 people were killed by an Israeli attack. To date, Israel has killed more than 11,000 Palestinians since the attack by the Islamist group Hamas on October 7.

The attack against Al Shifa Hospital coincides with the siege of other hospitals in the northern Strip such as the pediatrician Al Rantisi, close to a psychiatric hospital and an ophthalmological center. Furthermore, the Palestinian Red Crescent has reported "violent clashes" in the area of ​​the Al Quds Hospitalwhere at least one person has died and at least 20 have been injured among the displaced crowd taking refuge in the medical center.

Likewise, the Gaza Ministry of Health has assured that the Indonesian Hospital It has been left without electricity, without water and without communications.

A spokesperson for the Gaza Red Crescent has said that, due to the lack of electricity due to fuel shortages that affects many hospitals, the teams at medical centers such as Al Quds "are operating with minimal resources", without electricity and with "continuous interruptions in communications and the Internet by third parties". consecutive day".

United Nations humanitarian chief Martin Griffiths has reacted on the social network

On the other hand, between 25 and 50 people were killed this Friday in an Israeli bombing against a public school in Gaza City, according to medical and government sources in the Strip. In this attack, they have reported that a granddaughter of the political leader of Hamas has died, Ismael Haniyeh.

As a source from the Gaza Government detailed to EFE, the deaths in the attack on the school in the Al Naser neighborhood of Gaza where internally displaced people were taking refuge, there could be as many as 50, while the director of the Al Shifa Hospital in Gaza has said that there have been at least 25 deaths who arrived at that medical center.

More than 11,000 dead and almost 27,500 injured

The deaths in Gaza due to Israeli bombings after 35 days of war have risen today to more than 11,000, while the injured are almost 27,500, sources from the enclave's Ministry of Health have reported.

"The death toll from the Israeli aggression amounted to 11,078, including 4,506 children, 3,027 women and 678 elderly", while "27,490 citizens were injured" with injuries of varying severity, detailed the Health spokesperson, Ashraf al Qudra.

The same source added that in the last few hours Israel "has committed 12 major massacres, claiming the lives of 260 people", while there are also at least 2,700 missing, including 1,500 children "who are still under rubble."

For its part, the Israeli Army assures that its combats and attacks in Gaza are resulting in "dozens of militiamen" dead every day, and as a military spokeswoman said this afternoon, an armored brigade has also attacked Hamas militiamen in areas of Gaza beach and "has taken control of its strongholds" in the northern sector.

UNRWA denounces the death of more than one hundred of its workers

In this context, the UN Agency for Palestinian Refugees (UNRWA) has today denounced the death of more than 100 of its workers in Gaza in the last month due to Israel's intense bombing of the Gaza Strip.

According to UNRWA, this represents the highest number of United Nations humanitarian workers killed in conflict in the organization's history.

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