Isaac Paredes captures the spotlight; owner of the moment

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Isaac Paredes has his preparation and dedication as his best allies that led him to triumph this year and establish himself as the best Mexican player in the Major Leagues. The Sonoran from the Tampa Bay Rays heads the tricolor representation that comes into action today as the postseason gets underway.

Paredes finished the regular season as the Rays' leader in home runs with 31 and in RBIs with 98. He is one of the key players to be able to overcome the Rangers in the wild card round, which is to win two of three games.

“He is a prepared boy, you can see his determination and he has very good values, that helps him on the human side,” said former major leaguer Jorge Cantú. “It also has a lot to do with his preparation and dedication when it comes to playing, I see a lot of future for him,” added the Bronco.

Cantú, who was the first Mexican to lead the Tampa Bay team in home runs (28) and RBIs (117) during 2005, celebrates that another tricolor stands out.

“It's not just about putting up numbers, but about trying to contribute to fighting for the championship and ensuring there is chemistry in the locker room to achieve that World Series, which is what everyone wants,” he expressed.

The Tamaulipas assured that he sees Paredes as a great example for young people.

“He takes great care of himself, from what he posts on social networks you can see that he is not up and down, he is more reserved and that helps him be more responsible in his work. It is a great admiration that we have a countryman like him.

Jorge Cantú highlighted that the Sonoran won over the fans thanks to his good performances.

“People love him for the dedication he puts into it, the way he plays the game and how he enjoys it, he has a great future with Tampa Bay,” said Cantú.

Sonoran Luis Alfonso Cochito Cruz, who during the 2013 season had the opportunity to play with the Dodgers and Yankees, has managed to consolidate a good friendship with the Rays player, who turned 24 on February 18.

“I am very happy for him that he is having a tremendous season,” said Cruz, who at 39 years old is still active with the Charros de Jalisco. “He was always a low-profile player in Detroit, they gave him the opportunity in Tampa and he is already one of the two Mexican players who have hit 30 home runs in a season. I had him as a partner in Hermosillo and he is a tremendous person. What Isaac is doing is going to help Mexicans receive more opportunities.”

El Cochito Cruz revealed that he is in constant communication with Paredes.

“We talk with the confidence we have, I can tell him things that I went through and that took me time to understand and for him to do it a little faster. All success is due to work, discipline and obviously the gift that each one brings, exploiting it on the field of play, working on it and taking care of it as a high-performance athlete.

“His future is promising, I hope he signs a great contract soon and remains in MLB for many years, he will have the opportunity to break the Mexican records. “I admire the work he is doing.”

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