Is Saleen preparing an electric supercar?

The American company Saleen would be working on a new electric supercar for the near future.

Saleen seeks to return to the ring with a zero-emission supercar, according to its owners.

With the promise of exciting and promising new ones, the firm would have serious intentions of giving way to electric mobility.

One of the last appearances of the form had been at the Los Angeles Hall of 2018.

There he had been introduced to Saleen S1mid-engine racing car.

From time to time, Saleen had focused on developing vehicles for other companies.

This is how in previous years I worked on the Mac SUV, a model that had the intention of being a rival to the Porsche Macan. It also did the same with an electric compact named Maimai.

Both works never made it into series production models.

As for the manufacturer, it is now in partnership with a Chinese firm and they have jointly formed the Jiangsu Saleen Automotive Technologies Group (JSAT). Apparently, not everything is rosy for this company which is going through moments of anxiety in search of new investors.

waiting for more information Saleen seems to return to the world of supercars with a new purely electric car.