Irresistible offers on electronics during Amazon Prime Day 2023: Find the best discounts”

In this season of Amazon Prime Day 2023 there will be flash offers from 6 to 12 hours.

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For 48 hours, Amazon Prime members will be able to enjoy incredible offers and promotions that start this Tuesday the 11th at 3 am EDT and end on Wednesday July 12, where they will find products from different categories such as electronics, fashion, beauty, fitness, and consumer devices. e-commerce giant.

The discounts will be up to 75% this Amazon Prime Day 2023, of course the electronics promotions will be irresistible. For this season there will be flash offers from 6 to 12 hours where Prime members will have access to 30 minutes before it becomes visible to other users.

In addition, Amazon Prime enabled "register for invite-only deals," where selected members will receive notifications throughout Prime Day with instructions on how to how to buy the item at the exclusive sale price.

Just days after starting your purchases, Amazon gives a preview of what you can find on its platform You can save up to 40% off headphones, Bose sound bars, speakers and 50% on Sony-branded home audio, headphones, speakers and more.

For his part, Amazon devices include invite-only deals on Smart TVs Pioneer 43” Fire TV Omni Series and Fire TV Stick (3rd Gen), TCL with Fire TV built-in; Echo Show 8 (2nd Gen), Ring Indoor Cam (2nd Gen), Ring Battery Doorbell Plus, Kindle Scribe, and Fire Max 11 tablet.

Jamil Ghani, vice president of Amazon Prime, said that “Prime Day it's about making our Amazon Prime members feel important with great savings and access to some of the best deals on the brands they love,” he said.

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