Irene Aldana launches a forceful phrase about the fight against Amanda Nunes: "It's kill or kill"

Irene Aldana, Mexican UFC fighter.

Photo: Josh Hedges/Getty Images

The Mexican Irene Aldana will challenge the Brazilian Amanda Nunes in a fight in which she wants to snatch the bantamweight and featherweight belts from the UFC, next Saturday June 10 at the Rogers Arena in Vancouver, British Columbia in Canada. Faced with this reality, the Aztec fighter made it clear that the fight will be for all.

In my opinion, she is the greatest of all time, for me, she is. That's why it makes me even greater to be able to have this opportunity against her, to beat one of the greatest. I respect her, and it is an honor for mesaid Irene Aldana.

However, as much as I respect her, for me, I come here with the mentality of winning. It's not kill or be killed. For me, it's kill or kill“, pointed out the 35-year-old Mexican peeler. In the same way, Aldana expects an Amanda Nunes in the best version of her: “I don't know what's on his mind, or if he wants to retire or not. We will never know how the other fighter will come mentally, but I hope for her best version", said.

Irene Aldana recalled the call to face Amanda Nunes, and assured that it was something incredible for her, since she was preparing for another fight and suddenly the dream fight came out. “Mick Maynard called and I called him back. It was like 'Ok we have to say this. Julianna Peña is injured. She broke her ribs and we wanted to offer you to fight Amanda instead.", he counted.

She assured that she cannot describe the madness and joy with which she received the news and was immediately ready to face the best of all time, leaving everything ready for an epic battle on Canadian soil.

The former world champion of the UFC lightweight division and number 1 in the ranking, the Brazilian Charles Oliveira will star in the co-main fight against the Iranian Beneil Dariush, current number 4 in the 155-pound ranking.

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