Iran urges the US to make a decision to resume nuclear pact | News


The Islamic Republic of Iran’s Foreign Ministry stressed on Monday the Persian nation’s readiness to accept a lasting and reliable pact, as long as the rest of the members of the nuclear deal act positively with respect to the country’s natural rights.


Facebook censors page of Iranian news network HispanTV

According to the entity, Iran is awaiting the political position of the United States (USA), in the hope of obtaining optimal results that will make it possible to repeal the sanctions imposed on Tehran.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran has submitted its innovative ideas on verification and assurances in writing to the participants in the Vienna talks, and is awaiting the political decision from Washington,” said Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Saeid. Khatibzade.

In this sense, the spokesman for Iran’s Foreign Affairs portfolio, Jatibzade, pointed out that the nation distrusts Washington, since it was the cause of the crisis, in addition to reimposing sanctions on the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Likewise, the diplomat specified that if all the parties presented their decisions on the Iranian demands, within the limits of the nuclear pact, or Comprehensive Joint Action Plan (Jcpoa), the round of talks would continue to advance successfully and without the need for new deadlines.

It should be noted that the dialogue in the Austrian capital, after going on hiatus for a short period of time, is being held in order to eliminate the sanctions applied against Iran, in addition to reviving the 2015 nuclear pact, from which the US withdrew during 2018, in the presidency. of former president Donald Trump; currently participating indirectly.

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