Iran, Saudi Arabia, UAE and Oman will form a military alliance | News

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The Iranian Navy announced the upcoming creation of a naval coalition with several countries in the region, including Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Oman, which will be deployed in the Persian Gulf to "guarantee collective security in the waters of the northern Indian Ocean".


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In this regard, the commander of the Iranian Army Naval Force, Iranian Rear Admiral Shahram, said that the countries of the region have reached the point that if they want to establish security, it can be done through synergy and cooperation. between the regional countries themselves.

"In this sense, new coalitions are being formed in the region and beyond," stressed the Persian military high command, later adding that the tripartite alliance is being developed together with Russia and China, within the framework of which exercises are being carried out. annual.

Irani said that virtually all the countries located in the northern Indian Ocean areas have come to the conclusion that they should stand behind Iran and jointly establish security through greater synergy.

The contours of the regional alliance are taking shape a year after the Israeli regime announced that, along with the United States and its regional Arab allies, it would establish what it called a "Middle East NATO" to counter Iran's influence in the region. .

The commander said that Iran and Oman have held several joint naval exercises in the past, but now other countries are eager for joint naval cooperation, including Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain, Iraq, Pakistan and India.

At the end of May, it became known that the authorities of the United Arab Emirates decided to withdraw from the US-led coalition on maritime security in the Middle East.

The Bahrain-based Joint Maritime Forces Coalition unites 34 countries. One of its main tasks is to ensure security and combat terrorism and piracy in the Red Sea and the Persian Gulf.

This spring, Iran, through Chinese mediation, agreed to resume diplomatic relations with Saudi Arabia.

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