Iran Proposes Regional Meeting Over Sandstorm Problem | News


Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir Abdollahian contacted counterparts from several countries in the region on Thursday to propose a meeting and address the problems caused by the recent sandstorms.


WMO warns of the dangers of sand and dust storms

“Iran calls for the signing of a relevant regional convention, with the participation of the United Nations and its specialized agencies, especially the United Nations Environment Program and the World Health Organization (WHO),” the foreign minister said.

Given the escalation of dust storms in the region, and following the order of President Ebrahim Raisi, the diplomat affirmed the need to “form a fund as part of the convention to collect regional and international aid and combat the phenomenon of dust particles. and desertification in a faster and more coordinated way”.

In addition, he insisted that this phenomenon directly influences the health of the countries involved and noted that “all the governments of the region are obliged to participate seriously and effectively in the fight against dust storms.”

Previously, the Iranian foreign minister had already spoken by telephone with his counterparts from Iraq, Syria, Turkey and Kuwait, to discuss the consequences of this situation.

The sandstorms have affected various countries in the region, including Iraq, Syria and Iran, causing several people to go to hospitals, while several flights have been cancelled.

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