Iran and Saudi Arabia resume diplomatic talks | News


Iran and Saudi Arabia held the fifth round of negotiations this Saturday and thus resumed the diplomatic talks held in order to restore their differences.


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“The fifth round of talks between the high-ranking representatives of Iran and Saudi Arabia was held in Baghdad,” the Nour News agency, associated with Iran’s Supreme National Security Council, reported.

The Persian media reported that the problems that keep Tehran and Riyadh in a hostile relationship were discussed.

The atmosphere of the meeting was described by the agency as positive to the point of awakening “the hope that the two countries take a step towards the resumption of relations.”

“A joint meeting between the foreign ministers of the two countries is expected to take place soon,” the agency reported.

The dialogue between the two countries was interrupted by the Iranian side, without the reasons being officially communicated.

It is estimated that it was due to the execution of more than 80 people by the Al Saud regime for alleged terrorist actions and attacks on Saudi officials.

These talks, which have been taking place since April 2021, aim to minimize the geopolitical rivalry between Tehran and Riyadh.

Diplomatic ties between the Persian nations have been broken since January 2016 when protests took place in front of the Saudi diplomatic entities in Tehran and Mashad, against the execution of a Shiite cleric, who denounced the historical discrimination of this community In Saudi Arabia, Sheikh Nimr Baqer al-Nimr.

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