Iran and Russia strengthen cooperation and seek regional security | News


The presidents of Russia, Vladimir Putin, and Iran, Ebrahim Raisi, agreed on Wednesday to strengthen trade ties in various strategic sectors and in order to continue contributing to regional peace, as part of Raisi’s visit to Moscow.


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The Russian president highlighted the implementation of important bilateral projects in various areas of development; and the growth of cooperation in various fields, expressed in trade growth of 38 percent last year, up from 6 percent in 2020.

In addition, the head of state of the Eurasian nation expressed that “our efforts, to a great extent, helped the Syrian Government to overcome the threats posed by international terrorism”; At the same time, he was especially interested in a possible joint position regarding the situation in Afghanistan.

The Kremlin Executive detailed that “relations between Iran and the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) are expanding and we are actively working to establish a free trade zone. Furthermore, Iran acts as an observer in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO).”

At the same time, he emphasized the analysis of the possible steps forward in the negotiations on the nuclear pact or Comprehensive Joint Action Plan (PIAC), as well as showing his interest in the Iranian nuclear program.

For his part, the Persian dignitary avoided that “in the current conditions, it is possible to jointly develop cooperation in the spheres of the economy, politics, culture, science, technology, defense and the military sphere, as well as in terms of security and space”.

In addition, he agreed with his Russian counterpart in continuing to strengthen bilateral ties despite the sanctions imposed by the United States and the West on Tehran. “We have been countering the Americans for over 40 years. And we will never stop the country’s progress and development because of sanctions or threats,” Raisi said.

Who also stated that “we have a very good experience of cooperation with Russia in the fight against terrorism in the Syrian Arab Republic, which could create premises for us to apply it in many other directions,” he highlighted when projecting a joint agenda to long term, with actions for the next 20 years.

“We share common interests with Moscow, and our interaction in various directions will bring security and prevent unilateralism in the region. Iran and Russia, with their extensive capabilities, their interaction and cooperation, can be very effective regionally and internationally,” Raisi concluded.

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