Iran and China strengthen security cooperation | News


Iran’s Defense Minister met with his Chinese counterpart on Wednesday to consolidate security cooperation in pursuit of multilateralism.


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The Iranian military minister, Brigadier General Mohamad Reza Qarai Ashtiani, held a meeting today with his Asian counterpart, Wei Fenghe, in the Persian capital to direct common measures against the unilateral and hegemonist foreign policy of the United States.

In this sense, the ministers emphasized that confronting Western expansionism constitutes a way to strengthen multilateralism, as well as regional and global stability.

Based on this, the Persian general expressed that: “The experience of history has shown that, in each region of the world, where the United States has had a military presence, not only has there been no stability and security, but also created a wave of insecurity, instability, discord, pessimism, war and destruction and displacement”.

In turn, Wei Fenghe reviewed the history of relations between the two countries and emphasized the need to strengthen ties in various spheres in the midst of a complex international scenario.

The Chinese minister arrived in Iran with a high-ranking delegation after visiting Turkmenistan where he met with President Serdar Berdimuhamedov to strengthen bilateral relations in areas of common interest.

The Asian giant is preparing to increase its spaces of influence based on the changes produced in an international system where the hegemonic role of the US is weakened by the emergence of emerging powers.

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