iPhone's 'Check In' Feature May Calm Anxious People

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Have you felt anxious about not hearing from someone you know?

Apple has introduced a feature that should help, called “Sign Up.”

"It's like sending a regular text message, but you set the text message to alert your friend or family member when you arrive at a destination," said Ken Colburn of Data Doctors.

It's a new feature that doesn't require getting the new iPhone 15; instead, all you have to do is update your current iPhone's operating system to iOS 17. It's important to note that the person watching you also needs iOS 17 to use. the characteristic.

"It kind of eliminates the human error that comes into play when someone is anxiously waiting to hear from a loved one and forgets," Colburn said.

According to Apple , the Check In feature is available within a text message conversation, in a “more” menu available by tapping the plus symbol (+). Once added, you can set your destination and the time you expect to arrive.

In case of delays, the person you set up Check In with can see where your iPhone is, its battery charge, and your cellular signal.

"Not only is this a great safety feature, but I think it's a great convenience feature," Colburn said. "And maybe it will reduce some anxiety levels around the world."

While it's new for iPhone users, Colburn said that for Android users with Google Pixel phones, Google's Safety Check, introduced in 2020, offers a similar feature.

The new iOS 17 comes with Messages updates beyond Check In. Users will be able to swipe right on a text to reply to it, instead of holding down or double-tapping it. Audio messages will now come with transcripts and the search function has been expanded so you can combine search criteria, for example if you want to search for specific keywords within your messages for a specific contact.

Other additions in the OS update include the option to record a video or audio message when someone misses your FaceTime call, a visual search feature that lets you search directly from photos and videos (for example, you can try it on an image) . of a meal to find a recipe) and the ability to start Airdrop by simply holding your phone near the recipient's phone.

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