Investigate a BBC presenter for alleged payments to a minor for sexual photos

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A presenter for the British public television channel BBC, whose identity has not been revealed, was accused of paying an underage teenager to send them sexually explicit photos.

the tabloid the sunwhich made the scandal known, points out today that the child's mother was able to see the BBC star, of whom she herself was an admirer, in her underwear “ready for my son to perform for him” in a video.

It is believed that the presenter paid more than 35,000 pounds (770,500 Mexican pesos) to the minor since he was 17 years old until he was 20 -his age now- in exchange for those sexual images, money with which the victim allegedly paid for his addiction to "crack".

On Saturday night the BBC removed the presenter from the screenwhose identity is unknown although it is known that he is a "familiar face" of the public channel and that he has a six-figure salary.

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Despite the fact that the BBC has said that it "takes these accusations very seriously", the corporation is receiving multiple criticisms upon learning, according to the sunthat the family moved a complaint in May but the presenter has continued to appear on screen.

“What is worrying is that someone makes a complaint, a very serious complaint, and then put on television the next day and (the presenter) continue there ”Labor spokeswoman for the Economy, Rachel Reeves, told today skynews.

For Conservative MP Caroline Dinenage, who chairs the parliamentary committee that oversees the BBC, "it is vital that broadcasters have the right systems and processes in place to ensure that their stars, who have disproportionate power and influence over the lives of others, don't abuse him."

Photo: Reuters

Photo: Reuters

A BBC spokesman said the corporation “has processes to proactively deal” with such allegations, and this includes “trying to talk to those who contacted us”.

“If we do not receive a response to our attempts or receive more contacts, that can limit our ability to move forward, but this does not mean that our investigations stop”, he added.

Several of the stars of the BBC, such as the ex-footballer Gary Lineker, They have been quick to deny on their social networks that they were the person being investigated.

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