International Song Festival USA and Festiniño 2023 a success

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Everything is ready for the 3rd round of the 3rd International Song Festival USA and Festiniño 2023, organized by FICUSA, LLC and Fundación Los Niños de María, Inc., at the 90 Grados Restaurant in Manassas, VA and with the participation Overview of 60 of the DMV's top interpreters.

"We have 25 participants classified for the two semifinal rounds that will take place on Sunday, September 10 and Sunday, October 8, but now we are focused on this last round of elimination that will result in the classification of another 6 singers," he commented. Oscar Bowles, Bolivian and president of FICUSA, LLC

The place has turned out to be small for the number of people who have been making appointments to these rounds of talent and singing and that is why those who want to get to enjoy this evening are advised to reserve their tickets in advance.

This year the festival has brought together singers representing many Latin countries such as: Bolivia, the Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Mexico, Panama and the United States. The judging panel has an arduous task in selecting the qualifiers because they all have talent to spare.

The invitation is open for the entire DMV to come, support the family and enjoy this show that, in addition to cash prizes and the humanitarian socio-cultural work that it carries out, is also the quintessential support window and to make known to the dozens of artists we have in the community.

The next appointment is at 90 Grados Restaurant which is located at 8509 Rixlew Lane Manassas, VA 20109 on Sunday, August 26 at 4:00 pm Donation: $20.00 per person

The organizers are grateful for all the support they have received from the businessmen who have allowed this event to take place at their premises, they are grateful to all the sponsors, to the public that comes to support their favorite artists, and in a special way to all the artists who participate and compete for more than 20 thousand dollars in prizes.

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