Inter regains leadership of Serie A with a great goal from midfield

Inter regains leadership of Serie A with a great goal
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Inter de Milan (1st) was able to stay at the top of the classification in the A series when winning 2-0 at home to Frosinone (12th), guided by a bit of Federico Dimarco from 56 metersat the close of the 12th day of the A series.

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The Juventus had provisionally placed first when winning 2-1 to Cagliari in Turin, with 29 points. After his victory, Inter adds 31 and returns to first placewhere the weekend had started.

He Their next match will take place after the break. for national team matches, the Sunday, November 26and it will be precisely a duel between Juventus and Interfor a 'Derby of Italy' in style and with the leadership at stake.

Waiting for that expected direct confrontation, which yes they have achieved Inter and 'Juve' is to open a gap with respect to the teams who come from behind, like cyclists who accelerate to stand out from the pack.

Milan (3rd) squandered a two-goal lead to draw 2-2 in Lecce (14th) and is now 8 points behind its neighbor Interwhile the current champion Naples (4th), defeated at home by Empoli, remains dropped 10 points from first positionwhich seems to place his coach Rudi Garcia at serious risk of leaving office.

In his match at Giuseppe Meazzahe Inter took the initiative and had the best chances.

Just before the break, in the 43he achieved a goal that rewarded his efforts and he did it in the best way, with a spectacular goal from 56 meterswhich surprised the visiting goalkeeper, Stefano Turati.

He so much of the tranquility he achieved it in 48' the turkish criminal Hakan Calhanoglu. The maximum penalty had been called for a foul on Marcus Thuram In the area.

Is he sixth consecutive win for Intertaking into account all competitions, and the fourth in a row in Serie A.

He Frosinone is left over twelfthbut still with six points clear of the relegation places.


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