INM rescues 16 migrants who were traveling crowded in a trailer cabin


Mexico.- The National Institute of Migration (INM) of the Ministry of the Interior rescued 16 people of Central American origin, crowded inside the cabin (bedroom) of a trailer with a dry box that circulated through La Venta, northeast of the state of Mexico. Tabasco.

Yesterday afternoon, as part of the immigration review tasks at the La Venta checkpoint, and with the help of the Secretary of National Defense (Sedena), the National Guard (GN) and the state police, said Unit.

Upon boarding and removing the curtain from the driver’s cabin, the 16 migrants in overcrowded conditions were located: three adults and one minor, originally from Honduras; eight adults from Nicaragua, and three adults and one minor from El Salvador.

The driver and the transport unit were made available to the Attorney General of the Republic (FGR) in the state.

This is the second case recorded this week. The first was on the evening of January 17, near the city of Tapachula, Chiapas, where seven foreign migrants were identified in the cabin of a similar vehicle with a double semi-trailer.

The INM endorses its commitment to the safeguarding of migrants in the context of mobility through national territory, with special attention to children and adolescents.

With information from SEGOB

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