INM confirms that the migrants who died in Pijijiapan were from Cuba

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The National Migration Institute (INM) confirmed the death of 10 Cuban migrants, including a minor, after the overturning of a torton-type truck without license plates in which they were traveling through the state of Chiapas.

According to the bulletin of the INMthe events occurred approximately at kilometer 134 of the road section Pijijiapan-Tonaláwhere a torton-type van was irregularly transporting 27 people, all of Cuban nationality.

Initial versions indicate that the driver was speeding, lost control of the unit and overturned. It should be noted that the driver fled.

According to reports, authorities from the three levels of government and Civil Protection arrived at the scene; Elements from the Tapachula and Arriaga Beta Groups arrived from the INM for immediate assistance.

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Regarding the injured, it was stated that the 17 people are reported with serious injuries, 16 of them were transferred to the Pijijiapan City Hospital and one more was channeled to the Hospital of the municipality of Huixtla. It should be noted that the transfer of two minors to the Pediatric Hospital in Tuxtla Gutierrez.

The INM established communication with the consular authorities in order to initiate the administrative procedure for the repatriation of the bodies to their country of origin and is aware of the evolution of the health status of those who were seriously injured.

Through his social networks, the Foreign Minister of Cuba, Bruno Rodríguez confirmed “the death of irregular Cuban migrants in the state of Chiapas, as a result of a car accident.”

The diplomat explained that the Cuban embassy in Mexico “coordinates with Mexican authorities to provide required consular assistance.”

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The truck, whose body was made in parts of wood, was partially destroyed amidst the clothes, bags and backpacks that the foreigners were carrying.

On Thursday, two migrants lost their lives when a truck overturned in the municipality of Mezcalapa, which was trying to reach the state of Veracruz on a fast track that connects with Chiapas.

Thousands of migrants of different nationalities cross Mexico in buses, trailers, vehicles in poor condition or freight trains, but along the way they suffer accidents or attacks by criminals and sometimes by the authorities themselves.

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