Ingrid Coronado has already filed a lawsuit against Ana Ferro, widow of Fernando del Solar

Ingrid Coronado has already filed a lawsuit against Ana Ferro,
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Fernando del Solar is close to celebrating one year and five months of having deceased and his death left a series of problems between his ex-wife Ingrid Coronado and Anna Ferrowho was widowed after his departure and with whom rebuilt his life six years after their divorce.

However, the issue between the two has been complicated, given that that the former drivers of "early"They were not on the best terms, which has complicated the legal situation of the property that he shared with Ingrid Coronado and the assets of his children Luciano and Paolo.

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VIDEO: Ingrid Coronado reveals that she has already started the legal battle against Anna Ferro

In a recent meeting with the media at the speaker Juan Lucas's conference "Return to your center", the former host spoke about the current situation of the legal issue against Anna Ferro, the city of his ex husbandFernando del Solar for the scriptures of a property that belonged to both.

Moving forward, but I can't talk about it because it's already started, the show has already started, it's a process that's already started and I can't talk about it anymore."

However, Crowned with a confident attitude He announced that when he finishes he will give them good news to the media.

And it is worth remembering that the legal process is for apartment in Cuernavaca where Anna Ferro lives and which is part of the escrow which he formed together with Fernando, this as part of the heritage to their children, after no verbal agreement could be given or close up between Ferro and Coronado.

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On another issue that has also caused controversy around your life privatethe former member of Garibaldi He did not give good news either, as the reporters asked him if a close up between his ex-partner Charlie Lopez and his 25-year-old son Emiliano:

No, I don't really believe it."

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