INE reform threatens the impartiality and legality of elections: Coparmex CDMX

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Mexico City.- The reform initiative in electoral matters sent by the Federal Executive to the Chamber of Deputies is a transgressor of the autonomy and professionalism of the electoral bodies INE and TEPJF, considered the Coparmex of CDMX.

If the changes to the National Electoral Institute and the Electoral Tribunal of the Judicial Power of the federation are approved, the body said in a statement, the impartiality, fairness, certainty and legality of the upcoming electoral contests and results would be seriously jeopardized.

After describing the project as regressive and that it threatens democratic coexistence, Coparmex CDMX listed a series of modifications that are intended to be made and that, in its opinion, are a cause for concern.

He pointed out, for example, that the disappearance of the INE and the Local Electoral Public Organisms (OPLES) to give way to an election of councilors and magistrates through a direct and secret universal vote, would weaken the autonomy of the electoral institutions to align them with the official will.

He also questioned the intention to eradicate the constitutional power that the Institute has to take charge of the Electoral Register and leaving it only with the power to make up the list of voters, since this would seriously jeopardize the certainty and legality of the elections.

The organization also deplored the desire to eliminate ordinary financing for political parties in favor of the party in government, since this would open the door to the financing of candidates by organized crime.

Likewise, it pointed out that the election through a list system by federal entity and a reduction in the number of legislators entails a risk since said lists are drawn up through agreements between political groups, which would transfer the loyalty of the elected official to the party that nominated him and not to the population that elected him.

The employers' confederation also lamented that, if the reform is approved, the career civil service, the backbone that guarantees electoral efficiency and professionalism, would be severed.

In addition, Coparmex CDMX considered that, less than two years after the end of the current presidential administration, it is not time to modify, change or reform the electoral authority.

Due to this, he called on federal legislators, especially those who represent the country's capital, to publicly express their rejection of the Executive Branch's initiative.

With information from COPARMEX CDMX

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