INE provisionally suspends an official who altered the president's statements

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Mexico.- The Internal Control Body (OIC) of the National Electoral Institute (INE) temporarily suspended the director of the Technical Litigation Unit, Manuel Alberto Cruz Martínez, for altering the statements of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador about Xóchitl Gálvez, candidate of the Broad Front for Mexico to the presidency.

According to the OIC, the suspension was ordered due to alleged abuse of functions, by modifying the words of the federal executive in two agreements.

“The suspension seeks to prevent the effects of the probable fault from continuing, consisting of damage to the honor and credit of the head of the federal Executive, since the modification of words was not made just once, but in two agreements,” the investigation indicates. .

The INE Complaints Commission resolved in the first days of August that President López Obrador incurred gender-based political violence against Gálvez, due to statements in which he mentioned that she was elected by a group of men, which would make her career invisible.

Cruz Martínez, who was appointed on June 21, was notified on Monday, October 23, in the afternoon of the OIC resolution, which takes effect as of this Tuesday, and will last for five days, starting on Wednesday, October 25. for their defense, while the internal Comptroller's Office will have a similar period to determine whether the suspension is provisional or definitive.

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