INE amends equitable distribution of resources for campaigns between genders

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From now on, national political parties must grant their candidates the 50 percent from his financing public for electoral campaigns and 50 percent of the State's time in radio and television.

In ordinary session, the General Council of the National Electoral Institute (INE) unanimously approved to modify the guidelines to prevent and address political gender violence against women with the intention of match resources that are awarded to their candidates.

The approved agreement establishes that women cannot be granted an amount less than 50 percent of the public financing that each party or coalition has for campaign activities.

In addition, the same percentage will be applied for access to the times in radio and television in electoral period.

“The proposed modification has the objective, under the principle of progressiveness and in congruence with the principle of gender parity that it pursues, achieve true substantive equality between women and men in the political sphere,” the document says.

“Increase the threshold approved in the guidelines, from 40 percent to 50 percent, of the financing prerogatives and State times on radio and television will allow women to access these in equal footing”argues the agreement.

With this, you will search eradicate a discriminatory practice which generates a disadvantage by giving them a lower positioning during the campaigns and limits the possibility of victory of women in electoral contests.

In the Council session, where it was achieved unanimity in agreementthe ministries endorsed the commitment to guarantee substantive equality, as well as specify the constitutional principle of total parity.

Derived from this modification, in the elections for city councils or mayors and local or federal councils, in candidacies with equal spending capsthe public financing allocated to the candidates may not be less than 50 percent of the total resources exercised in said comparable applications.

Likewise, the promotions of candidatures to the Legislative powerwhether federal or local, that are broadcast in the official radio and television times, may not be less than 50 percent of each match or coalition to total candidates.

The same criterion must be observed in the corresponding promotional to candidacies for city councils or mayors.


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