Industry of death: Dying or celebrating is not cheap

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Erendira Espinosa

Death is a business for the living. Around three thousand people die every day in Mexico, funeral services can mean a disbursement of more than 20 thousand pesos; and, beyond death itself, a series of businesses flourish in this season, from the sale of costumes for halloweenuntil that of skulls and cempasúchil for the traditional offering.


Like a birthday or a wedding, The last goodbye can also be planned, including the flowers, the coffin, the videos and the photographs.

Manuel Ramírez, general director of the J. García López funeral home, He maintained that between November and December is when the most pension plans are placed, that is, the greatest number of packages are sold to ensure the celebration of “a good funeral.” In that period, 20 percent of the annual total is sold.

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This year there was a growth in the operation of funeral services of 25 percent compared to the previous year, one of every three services that are operated privately is attended by us. We operate 15 crematorium ovens and we have a niche building, it has been a great year, it is more marked with the 40% growth that we have had in the commercialization of future plans, people worry about this inevitable moment, because we will use the service sooner or later,” he said.

According to the manager, funeral services have been transformed, therefore, users can send photographs via WhatsApp to recreate a “canvas of life”, which is placed at the funeral; In addition, they have screens in the wake chapels where a video with photos and phrases is broadcast to honor the deceased.

On the other hand, the pet funeral services They are also showing significant growth, as more and more people want to say goodbye to their little dog.

People dressed as skulls.


while on the internet The most sought after outfits for Halloween are those of Barbie and Checo Pérezat Disfraces Merlín, a business located in Mercado Portales, outfits based on YouTube characters take the lead.

We are manufacturers, we are dedicated to making personalized costumes. The clients have been coming since September, because I have had clients who have not been able to get costumes tailored to their needs and taste with us, that is why this year they started arriving from mid-September, in October we are already saturated with sales,” said Francisco Curiel. , designer and co-owner of Disfraces Merlín.

Curiel explained that this season they made 348 personalized costumes; in his business, where an outfit can exceed 2,800 pesos, The most in-demand characters were those of Skibidi Toilet.

They know we can make any costume. So, people come looking for something more elaborate and even very fashionable. Right now it has been between series, manga, YouTube videos and the boom of Skibidi Toilet", he claimed.

The costume expert mentioned that in the market, this year there has been more movement, so it will be a positive season. However, he acknowledged that competition is increasing, mainly among resellers.


The sugar skullshe bread of the dead and the marigold flowers They play a fundamental role when placing the traditional offering, however, this year, they became more expensive.

According to data from the National Alliance of Small Merchants (ANPEC)the cempasuchil flowers rose 35.89% compared to last year, while sugar skulls increased 25% and bread of the dead another 25%.

This year the flowers are very expensive; So, at the center I bought 100 paper marigold flowers for 300 pesos, I am going to store them carefully so that they last another year,” commented Gloria Báez, consumer.



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