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Indigenous leaders at the forefront of the protests in Guatemala reported that the blockades of the country's public roads were lifted this Sunday, but they assured that they will not stop protesting in the country's capital until the four officials they have sued resign.


President of Guatemala cannot dismiss the attorney general

The last sections released correspond to roads of importance for tourism in the west of the Central American country. The information about the cleared road was published through a message on the social network X by the General Directorate of Road Protection and Safety.

Regarding the protests, the leaders indicated that the demonstrations will remain in front of the headquarters of the Public Ministry until the resignation of the prosecutors, Consuelo Porras, Rafael Curruchiche, Cinthia Monterroso and the Seventh Criminal Judge, Fredy Orellana. All have been denounced by the elected president Arévalo de León of carrying out a coup d'état.

The trustee of the Indigenous Municipality of Sololá, Édgar Tuy, said that the officials committed “acts of corruption” and have put “democracy in the country at risk.” For his part, the president of the 48 Cantons, Luis Pacheco, assured: "We are not going to give up on the protests, they will continue" and added "no longer with blockades, the passage is free."

Tuy also said that “the same population of Guatemala, mainly from the departments, has demonstrated and continues to express its will, and now more than ever they are waiting to be able to come here to the capital city to continue the demonstration peacefully.” ”.

Indigenous leaders have said that these actions are not a war against the government but an uprising in favor of the nation's democracy. Days ago, President Alejandro Giammattei had accused the elected president Bernardo Arévalo de León of promoting ungovernability in the country and of not taking responsibility for himself, by avoiding dialogue.

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