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The Third Peace Malón in Jujuy begins during this day the return to the province of the members of the communities that are in Buenos Aires, Argentina, protesting against the reform of the provincial Constitution forced by Governor Gerardo Morales.


Argentine candidates debated economics and human rights.

This was revealed in the provincial assembly held in Permanencia Purmamarca, in which the indigenous communities that make up the Third Malón de la Paz of Jujuy sought to “unanimously agree that the brothers of the Malón who are in Buenos Aires return to their territory, focusing on their integrity.” physically and psychologically.”

During the protest that took place in the Argentine capital for the last two months, several of the members of Malón chained themselves to the bars of parliament and began a hunger strike a few days ago demanding that the Chamber of Deputies grant a hearing and call a session for the nullity of the reform of the provincial Constitution of Jujuy.

Despite valuing the return, at the assembly meeting it was also agreed that, if this action is defined, an “act and/or press conference will be held upon the arrival of the Malón in each key place.”

Likewise, it was reported on the visit of the investigative commission that will have 18 members and will carry out the survey and report on the events that occurred in the different conflict centers since last June 17, during the repression in Jujuy due to the sanction of the reform. of the provincial Constitution.

In that sense, it was specified that "all the people who were accused, contravened, harassed, persecuted, threatened" both by "officials of the provincial or municipal government as well as by security forces", may make their complaint.

In another order and facing the presidential elections in October, the members of Malón decided "for the most part, after an extensive debate where positions, thoughts and ideologies were expressed, that the optimal candidate for the future of the country would be (Sergio) “Massa.”

“While it is true that he is not a saint of devotion for many, he is considered to be better than (Javier) Milei, since the latter has genocidal and extractivist proposals that go against the communities,” he expressed.

El Malón left on July 25 from various locations in Jujuy, coming from Puna, La Quebrada, Las Yungas, and Los Valles, bound for Buenos Aires.

Along the way he traveled more than 1,800 kilometers and six other provinces: Salta, Catamarca, Santiago del Estero, Tucumán, Córdoba and Santa Fe. Since August 1 he was in the city of Buenos Aires.

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