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The indigenous leaders of Guatemala assured this Thursday, after 11 days of protests, that they will continue with their peaceful measures after a meeting without further conclusions with the country's president, Alejandro Giammattei.


President-elect of Guatemala willing to dialogue with the Government

"Our position continues and remains standing," said Édgar Tuy, one of the leaders of the indigenous organization 48 cantons of the department of Totonicapán, after leaving the Presidential House.

The protests began on October 2 and, with almost 100 roads blocked nationwide, the population demands the resignation of the attorney general and head of the Public Ministry, Consuelo Porras, for interfering in the electoral process in the months of June and August.

Tuy indicated that Giammattei rejected the option of personally requesting the resignation of the attorney general because supposedly "it would be outside the law." According to the indigenous leader, the president told them: "Make it public. I do not have the power to ask you to resign."

The meeting took place at the Presidential House, in the center of Guatemala City, with six indigenous leaders and the mediation of the Organization of American States.

According to reports from Tuy, Giammattei explained that he could not attend to the demand for the dismissal of the attorney general and head of the Public Ministry, Consuelo Porras, and prosecutors Rafael Curruchiche and Cinthia Monterroso, for legal procedural reasons.

Furthermore, he responded that he could not agree to the demand to dismiss Judge Fredy Orellana, since his appointment and removal corresponds to the Supreme Court of Justice.

Thousands of Guatemalans have been demonstrating for 11 days in more than 100 parts of the country to demand the resignation of Porras and the leadership of the Prosecutor's Office, accused of trying to reverse the results of the votes, which left the progressive Bernardo Arévalo de León as new president for the period 2024-2028.

On September 1, Arévalo de León accused Porras Argueta of carrying out a "coup d'état" against him to prevent his inauguration in January 2024. The attorney general and head of the Public Ministry does not contemplate resigning, according to the latest statements of the entity he directs.

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